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142,000 Bulgarians have returned home during the state of emergency

After the introduction of the state of emergency in Bulgaria on March 13, by the end of March, a total of 142,093 Bulgarians have returned to the country , the Border Police Chief Commissioner Svetlan Kichikov from Bulgaria's Border Police reports...

02.04.20 12:59 |

High voter turnout at polling stations abroad

Commission members at polling stations in different countries are again reporting a high voter turnout by Bulgarians abroad. Some expect the process of voting at the second round of presidential elections to be easier, as unlike the first round,..

13.11.16 13:42 |

Bulgarians abroad demand new election rules cancellation

Over the weekend Bulgarians residing and working abroad organized protests and petitions to the National Assembly and the president declaring their opposition to restrictions of their right to vote in Bulgarian elections in the wake of latest..

24.04.16 14:16 |
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