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Three Bulgarians transporting 6 tons of hashish arrested near Palermo

Near Palermo, the Italian navy detained three Bulgarians who were transporting 6 tons of hashish worth 13 million euros on a yacht sailing under US flag, the Italian financial police reported, quoted by BNT. A military plane detected the..

20.06.21 15:33 |

Bulgarians abroad send less money to their relatives at home

The amount of money that Bulgarian emigrants send to their families in this country decreased almost five times for the period January-April 2021 compared to the same period in 2020. According to the Bulgarian National Bank, last April the sum was..

18.06.21 14:43 |

Bulgarians place 45th in the world when it comes to charity

Bulgaria ranks 45th among a total of 114 countries across the world when it comes to charity, the CAF World Giving Index 2020 shows. The most generous last year was Indonesia, followed by Kenya and Nigeria. In a year marked by the pandemic, 64%..

14.06.21 16:52 |
Town of Tsaribrod in Serbia close to the border with Bulgaria

Rumen Radev and Aleksandar Vucic to meet with Bulgarians in Tsaribrod

Today, Bulgarian President Rumen Radev will visit the Serbian town of Tsaribrod, the presidential press office reported. During his visit, he will hold talks with his Serbian counterpart Aleksandar Vucic.  The two heads of state will meet with..

23.05.21 07:25 |

Bulgarians aged 40 to 49 are the most studious

P eople between 40 and 49 years of age are the most active participants in vocational trainings (34%), according to a study commissioned by the National Agency for Vocational Education and Training. People aged 30 to 39..

08.05.21 13:02 |

Problem stops some Bulgarians in London from casting their vote

A problem occurred in one of the polling stations in London, where many people were left to wait after its closing despite the extension of the election day by 1 hour, BNR correspondent in the British capital Veselin Paunov informed...

05.04.21 00:46 |
Banat Bulgarians in folk costumes. The second person from right to left is Mikhail Shipkov.

Society of Banat Bulgarians celebrates 55 years since its establishment

On this date, 55 years ago, the first Society of Banat Bulgarians in Bulgaria was established. It was born due to the enthusiasm and ambition of the heir of the Bulgarians from Vinga , Mikhail Shipkov , born in 1919 in the Bulgarian village of..

24.03.21 11:58 |

Quarter of a million Bulgarians apply for UK residence

A total of 259,600 Bulgarians applied for residenc e status in the United Kingdom by the end of 2020. The status gives them the right for visa-free life and work in the UK after Brexit. Th e number of applicants is twice..

08.03.21 16:08 |
Foreign Minister of North Macedonia Bujar Osmani

North Macedonia's Foreign Minister says Bulgarians could be mentioned in Macedonian Constitution

North Macedonia's Foreign Minister Bujar Osmani said that if such a thing mattered to Bulgarians, he would not mind the Constitution of North Macedonia explicitly to mention them as part of the country's other ethnic groups. "Bulgarians in Macedonia..

05.03.21 11:54 |

Parliament rejects idea of special ID card for Bulgarians abroad

The National Assembly has decided to put an end to the practice of re-validating invalid Bulgarian ID documents that have previously been declared lost or stolen. The decision was made with the adoption at second reading of amendments to the Law on..

18.11.20 11:59 |
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