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National Palace of Culture reveals intriguing facts from its past in social media campaign

Closed due to the state of emergency imposed because of the coronavirus pandemic, for the past month cultural institutes in Bulgaria have been unable to welcome the public where they usually do – in their halls and other designated spaces...

10.04.20 12:44 |

COVID-19: Bulgaria goes online

The strict restrictions on movement and travel in recent weeks have given a boost to the virtualization of the daily life and work of Bulgarians. More and more activities are being done online and no longer require the physical presence of..

06.04.20 14:13 |

Good ideas: how to spend your leisure time online

Closed up in our homes because of the danger of coronavirus infection, many Bulgarians have been trying to find useful ways to spend their time. And with the internet that is easy. The first way is music. Many Bulgarian..

03.04.20 11:31 |

Coronavirus crisis awakens sympathy and kindness in people’s hearts

Usually being a ccustomed to daily lives characterized by lack of compassion towards those in need, intolerance and nervous strain , now in these days of crisis we have been showing our humane side more often . After..

30.03.20 11:36 |

We shall all feel the economic shock of COVID-19 but the unemployed and the people in the gray sector will be most vulnerable: Petar Ganev

As the coronavirus spreads, the act on the measures and actions during the state of emergency, promulgated in Bulgaria today, sets down mechanisms to protect the public and restrict damages to the economy. Some of the measures envisage halting..

24.03.20 16:15 |

Shortage of protective masks, disinfectants nation-wide, small municipalities face serious challenges

Doctors, municipal officials and people from the social patronage service ring the alarm over the danger of contamination due to the lack of basic hygiene products. "The supply of protective equipment and disinfectants is our biggest problem,"..

23.03.20 18:50 |

Business and authorities stand together against coronavirus

The state of emergency declared in Bulgaria last Friday over the outbreak of the new coronavirus has been quite flexible and soft until now. People are still allowed to travel, go to work and do shopping. Retail trade has suffered slight..

17.03.20 12:25 |

Without panic, but with great discipline we will overcome COVID 19

" Declaring a state of emergency in relation to the spread of a coronavirus infection is a sensible solution as it is an infection that is spreading very quickly." This was the comment of today's decision of the National Assembly to introduce..

14.03.20 20:52 |
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