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PM Nikolai Denkov

PM Nikolai Denkov in Q & A live stream 5 months after his government took office

“The fact is that the Central Election Commission (CEC) did not handle the holding of the election well this time. Changes in the composition of the CEC should be sought. That is something parliament should do,” said Prime Minister Nikolai Denkov..

08.11.23 11:35 |

CEC results from the second round of local elections with 100% of protocols processed

The results of the Central Election Commission with 100% of the election protocols processed in Sofia at 7 a.m. show that Vasil Terziev of the coalition "We Continue the Change - Democratic Bulgaria - Save Sofia" received 48.89% or 175 044 votes...

06.11.23 11:42 |
Rositsa Mateva

CEC: The court will decide whether there will be machine voting in the runoff

There are nine appeals against the CEC's decision to cancel machine voting. The Supreme Administrative Court is expected to rule on them tomorrow (October 30).  If the Supreme Administrative Court overturns the decision of the CEC, it will be..

29.10.23 22:37 |
Rositsa Mateva, chairperson of the Central Election Commission, at briefing on October 29

CEC: 34.16% is the voter turnout in the country by 4:00 pm

Voter turnout in the country by 4.00 pm. was 34.16%, CEC spokeswoman Rositsa Mateva announced at a briefing. The highest voter turnout was in the village of Chelopech near Sofia - 75.15%, and the lowest in Dobrich - 23.18%. In several mayorships,..

29.10.23 18:55 |

Central Election Commission: The Commission’s decision for a paper-ballot-only vote is final

At a sitting today, the Central Election Commission (CEC) confirmed its decision from last night for the local election on 29 October, and the possible run-off on 5 November to take place by paper ballot only. PM Nikolai Denkov urges Central..

28.10.23 17:19 |
PM Nikolai Denkov, briefing, 28 October, 2023

PM Nikolai Denkov urges Central Election Commission to reconsider its decision to do away with machine voting

In response, Rositsa Mateva stated, in an interview with bTV, that all municipal election commissions have to obey the CEC’s decision, and that there will be no machine voting in the country. She said she did not understand how the municipal..

28.10.23 15:37 |
The protst in Sofia

Protests against the abolition of machine voting in Sofia and Varna

On the day before the local elections in Bulgaria, protests against the abolition of machine voting and the attempts at election fraud are taking place in Sofia as well as in Varna. Central Election Commission decides voting at tomorrow's..

28.10.23 13:59 |

PP/DB appeal Central Election Commission’s decision to do away with machine vote at Supreme Administrative Court

The Ministry of e-Government published and sent to the Central Election Commission its report on the evaluation of the voting machines, in accordance with the provisions of the Election Code of Bulgaria. Voting machine scandal as election..

28.10.23 13:23 |

Central Election Commission decides voting at tomorrow's local election will be by paper ballots only

The Central Election Commission (CEC) has made the decision that voting at tomorrow’s local election shall be by paper ballots only.   Voting machine scandal as election campaign draws to a close PP-DB: GERB and MRF fabricated fake..

28.10.23 10:24 |
Kamelia Neikova

Voting in the local elections will use old voting machines

The Central Election Commission (CEC) has repeatedly proposed to develop new software for the machine voting so that there is no foreign involvement, but has not received a response from any institution. This was announced by CEC chairperson Kamelia..

25.09.23 18:17 |
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