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Bulgarian nationalist leader charged with hooliganism

The Sofia City Prosecutor's Office filed an indictment in court against Bulgarian National Union leader Boyan Stankov, also known as Boyan Rasate, who was charged with hooliganism and personal injury. This has happened two months after the attack..

13.01.22 16:19 |

Central Election Commission presents certificate to Rumen Radev on the occasion of his election as President

The Chairperson of Bulgaria’s Central Election Commission Kamelia Neykova presented certificates to Rumen Radev and Iliana Yotova on the occasion of their election as President and Vice President of this country . "I have no doubt that you..

20.12.21 11:27 |
Румен Радев

Central Election Commission officially announces election of Rumen Radev and Iliana Iotova as president and vice president

With a decision from today's meeting, Bulgaria's Central Election Commission has announced the final results of the second round of elections for president and vice president on November 21, 2021. The winner of the runoff is the presidential candidate..

23.11.21 19:58 |

Interior Ministry: Election day is proceeding normally

The second round of the election for President of Bulgaria is proceeding normally, without incident, the Interior Ministry reported as of 3 PM data. Almost 16,000 police officers are involved in guaranteeing public order. 1,191 reports of..

21.11.21 19:05 |

Central Election Commission: Almost 25% voter turnout as of 4 PM

A quarter of the voters have so far exercised their right to vote.  The Central Election Commission has reported a 24.12% voter turnout as of 4 PM.  Turnout is lowest in Kurdzhali at a little under 13%, and highest in the 23 rd constituency in..

21.11.21 17:18 |

Bulgaria’s Central Election Commission distributes Parliamentary seats among the political forces

Bulgaria’s Central Election Commission (CEC) has officially announced the distribution of the Parliamentary seats among the political forces represented at the 47th National Assembly. “We continue the Change” will be represented by 67 MPs in..

18.11.21 19:28 |

Logistical difficulties arise for November 21 election in the US, Australia and New Zealand

Ballots for the presidential election may arrive in a number of American cities late, Bulgarians from the United States have warned. Signals have been filed from Indianapolis, Houston, Boston, Portland and other cities where there are problems with the..

18.11.21 09:23 |
Rositsa Mateva, spokesperson of CEC

Bulgaria's Election Commission demands detaining of 228 voting machines to continue

Bulgaria's Central Election Commission (CEC) has asked the Supreme Administrative Court to suspend the court's decision to release the detained 228 voting machines owned by Ciela Norma company. The company officials demand that the machines be released..

17.11.21 16:53 |
Rumen Radev (L), Anastas Gerdzhikov

Election campaign for second round of presidential election kicks off

The election campaign for the runoff of the presidential election has begun. The Central Election Commission has made public the final results from the election for president on 14 November.  The candidates running in the runoff presidential..

17.11.21 09:19 |

Problems with machine voting in Bulgaria

Understanding the logic of the information on the first page displayed on the voting machines' touch screen is a very serious problem, Stoil Stoilov, member of the Public Council of the Central Election Commission said for bTV. There is..

14.11.21 17:16 |

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