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With 100% of tally sheets processed, GERB/SDS wins the October 2 snap election

7 parties and coalitions are expected to enter the 48 th National Assembly after the October 2 snap election. Data of the Central Electoral Commission on the results of the parliamentary elections as of 3:30 p.m. with 100% of the tally sheets having..

03.10.22 12:36 |

Central Electoral Commission: All machine vote slips shall be counted

“The voting machines which Bulgarians in the US, Canada, the UK and Greece will be using at the upcoming election have already been sent out,” Central Electoral Commission (CEC) spokesperson Rossitsa Mateva has announced. 301 is the number of..

22.09.22 11:36 |
Central Electoral Commission

24 parties and 7 coalitions register for participation in parliamentary election on 2 October

24 parties and 7 coalitions submitted applications, to the Central Electoral Commission, CIC, for registration for participation in the election for parliament on 2 October, 2022, as of 5 PM today, the registration deadline. The CIC is to check..

17.08.22 18:28 |

Bulgarians abroad will be able to vote in 69 countries in upcoming elections

Bulgaria's Central Election Commission (CEC) has determined the places in 69 countries where there will be polling stations Bulgaria for voting in the upcoming parliamentary elections on April 4. According to the foreign ministry, there will..

15.03.21 11:18 |

The ballot for the parliamentary elections will be 60 cms. long

“The printing of the ballots for the elections on 4 April has begun”, Tanya Tsaneva, spokesperson for the Central Electoral Commission has announced. “The ballot will be 60 cms. long. The first ballots that will be ready will be the ballots..

11.03.21 17:14 |

Election campaign kicks off in Bulgaria

As of today the election campaign is officially on in Bulgaria. It will last 29 days and will officially end at 24.00 hours on 2 April, 2021, by a decision of the Central Electoral Commission. 24 hours before the holding of the parliamentary..

05.03.21 05:15 |

Deadline for registration of political parties for upcoming elections expires

Today, February 17, is the deadline by which political parties and coalitions can declare to the Central Electoral Commissio their desire to run in the April 4 parliamentary elections. In order to be registered, parties and coalitions also submit lists..

17.02.21 06:15 |

Dialogue and expectations – the gulf between politicians and voters

The process of registration of parties and coalitions at the Central Electoral Commission for the parliamentary elections on 4 April is into its second day. However, sociologists are not predicting any drastic change of the status quo prevalent..

09.02.21 16:42 |

Non-Parliamentary political parties determined to ensure fair and secure elections

Opposition and non-Parliamentary political parties in Bulgaria raised serious concerns about the fairness of the forthcoming early or regular elections for 45 th National Assembly. According to the latest amendments to the Election Code, the..

28.10.20 14:29 |

Head of Central Electoral Commission hands in resignation

The chairperson of Bulgaria's Central Electoral Commission Stefka Stoeva has announced to commission members her decision to resign for personal reasons . The resignation will be submitted to the National Assembly and it will be voted on next week...

27.08.20 13:36 |

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