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Drone light show to illuminate the sky over Bulgaria's Chepelare winter resort

On the evening of March 7, over the winter resort of Chepelare in the Rhodopes, a light show with drones will illuminate the sky , the municipal press service announced. The audio-visual performance over the small town located in the midst of the..

07.03.21 15:23 |

96-year-old skier Ivan Raev receives award

Bulgarian Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Tourism Mariana Nikolova has presented an award to the oldest skier in Bulgaria - 96-year-old Ivan Raev from the town of Chepelare in the Rhodopes, the ministry reported. Minister..

21.01.21 14:55 |

Visiting the workshop of Rhodope master bagpiper Iliya Uchikov

The bagpipe is a traditional instrument not only for the Balkans but for the rest of Europe. In Bulgaria, two types of bagpipes are played – a s mall one called " jura " and a large " kaba ". The Rhodope region is known all over the world for the..

30.09.20 16:37 |

Record long air attraction welcomes guests of Chepelare this summer

A new interesting attraction draws the attention of tourists in the region of Chepelare – one of the most beautiful places in the Rhodopes. Hunters of beautiful emotions can fly over breath taking landscapes with a speed of nearly 100..

31.08.20 05:35 |

Top 3 most wanted destinations by students today: Bansko, Velingrad and Pamporovo

Today is December 8 th – the official holiday of the Bulgarian students. It is always related to unforgettable memories which remain for good. The places to ‘burst out in celebrations’ vary through the years, but today we pay attention to..

08.12.17 13:11 |
The ski museum displaying exhibits from the 1930 to this day

Chepelare, the town of ski and Olympic glory

Hotel managers and entrepreneurs in the town of Chepelare located in the central portion of the Rhodope Mountains, Southern Bulgaria, can now take a breath of relief and get down to work. The long-awaited snow that came at the end of January has at..

06.02.14 13:35 |
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