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"Rojen" ship has successfully transported Ukrainian grain to Ravenna

The cargo ship "Rojen", controlled by the company "Navigation Maritime Bulgaria" and sailing under Maltese flag has docked in the Italian port of Ravenna. The bulk carrier departed from the Ukrainian port of Chernomorsk with 15..

13.08.22 17:09 |

Bulgarian ship "Rojen" will be the first to export Ukrainian grain from port of Chernomorsk

The Bulgarian bulk carrier "Rojen" will be the first vessel to export Ukrainian grain from the Ukrainian port of Chernomorsk, BNT has reported. A corridor is currently being organized and mines are being cleared. The ship is expected to leave in the..

28.07.22 18:50 |

Bulgarian ship crew stranded in Ukraine call for urgent evacuation

The Bulgarian crew of the Maltese-flagged ship Rozhen are stranded on their vessel as result of the Russian military invasion of Ukraine. The crew of 17 Bulgarians are trapped in the Ukrainian port of Chernomorsk. They cannot go out to sea because..

28.02.22 14:39 |

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