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Chief Health Inspector Angel Kunchev

Bulgaria's chief health inspector Angel Kunchev named Doctor of the Year

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Angel Kunchev has been awarded the Doctor of the Year 2021 distinction. Bulgaria's Chief State Health Inspector, who also celebrates his birthday on October 19, receives the highest award from the Bulgarian Medical Association (BMA)...

19.10.21 12:33 |

I expect Bulgaria to receive bigger Pfizer/BioNTech vaccine shipments in late February-March: Chief Health Inspector

“This is the only shipment of the Pfizer/BioNTech vaccines that is reduced,” said Chief State Health Inspector Ass. Professor Angel Kunchev upon the arrival of a shipment of 18,720 vaccines at Sofia airport.  “If you want more details why..

18.01.21 10:07 |
Iztok neighbourhood in Kyustendil

Preventive measures against Covid-19 are needed, not instant screenings

The full quarantine for the 12,000-strong Roma neighbourhood "Iztok" in the town of Kyustendil is extended until July 8, the Regional Crisis Headquarters announced after a meeting with the Chief State Health Inspector Assoc. Prof. Angel Kunchev. When..

30.06.20 15:52 |
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