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Chinese corporation to supply Bulgaria with PPE and medical equipment

At an extraordinary meeting, the Bulgarian government approved an agreement with the China National Pharmaceutical Foreign Trade Corporation on the delivery of personal protective equipment and medical equipment. Under the agreement the..

27.03.20 13:58 |

Full-scale measures taken in Bulgaria to prevent coronavirus outbreak

At 09:00 today at Sofia Airport a demonstration of the ability to respond in case of detection of persons suspected of infection with COVID-19 coronavirus started. An extraordinary meeting of the Security Council at the government was planned..

25.02.20 12:18 |

Foreign Ministry advises against travelling to Italy and China

In connection with the spread of the new coronavirus COVID-19 in Italy, and more specifically in Northern Italy, the Bulgarian Foreign Ministry advises Bulgarian citizens residing or travelling to Italy to make only essential journeys to the regions..

24.02.20 10:56 |
Health Minister Kiril Ananiev

British national of Chinese origin who died in Bulgaria tests negative for coronavirus

Health Minister Kiril Ananiev announced, at a briefing, that the tests of a British national of Chinese origin who died yesterday in the town Bansko, southern Bulgaria, came back negative for coronavirus . The man had been living in the UK for..

24.02.20 09:44 |

Bulgarian Posts stop shipping to China

Bulgarian Posts stops shipping to China as the reason is suspended flights by airlines serving the company to Chinese airports in Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou, in order to prevent the spread of the new coronavirus. According to data from the postal..

04.02.20 17:48 |

Fear of coronavirus has led to peak in flu statistics in Bulgaria

Bulgaria is in a grip of a large-scale flu wave. The Ministry of Health has confirmed that in one-third of the country there is increased incidence of influenza and the epidemic has halted the educational process in nearly 2,800 schools. There..

04.02.20 15:39 |

Bulgarian who has returned from Shanghai hospitalized for examination and treatment

A 43-year-old patient who has returned from China has been placed in the hospital of "St. Marina” in the city of Varna. At Varna Airport it was found that he had fever and a sore throat. The patient is in a satisfactory general condition with no..

03.02.20 18:57 |

Bulgaria has taken all measures for stopping coronavirus entering country

In relation to concerns about the spread of the new coronavirus , Bulgarian Minister of Healthcare Kiril Ananiev has personally got acquainted with organization and coordination between state authorities responsible for the protection of the..

03.02.20 15:50 |

Three Bulgarians are being monitored for possible coronavirus symptoms

Bulgarian health authorities are monitoring the condition of two Bulgarian women who have recently returned from China and Thailand. as prevention they are housed in infectious wards after flu-like symptoms were detected. They have been tested for..

29.01.20 18:32 |

China is Bulgaria's second largest partner outside the EU

China has become Bulgaria’s second largest export partner outside of the EU. There is an opportunity for further expansion of Bulgarian exports with products we are known with in Asia, Deputy Prime Minister Mariana Nikolova told the Bulgarian-Chinese..

16.01.20 16:06 |
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