Armenian community in Sofia will celebrate Christmas in their new church

After 30 years of efforts to raise the money and for the construction work, Armenians in Sofia will now be able to celebrate Christmas in their new church in the capital city of Bulgaria. As a matter of fact, it is the only Armenian church in Sofia...

05.01.23 11:45 |

Bulgaria Today – December 24, 2021

Dear friends, welcome to Bulgaria Today on December 24!   We are pleased to bring you our festive podcast edition on  Christmas Eve. We begin by revisiting the deep meanings of Christmas Eve in Bulgarian folk tradition regarded..

24.12.21 18:00 |

Lean dishes are served on Christmas Eve to elevate soul to holiday’s essence

In the Christian world, the Nativity of Christ is seen as a celebration of the hope that is born to fill the hearts of believers with joy. The daily vanity gives way to the family holiday and the people closest to the heart. In the Bulgarian..

24.12.21 10:00 |

Festive bread, daily bread…

On Christmas Eve lean dishes and ritual bread with a coin are served and on Christmas - meat dishes predominate. Even in the times of food deliveries and fast food, preparation for the holiday table remain an integral part of the festive spirit...

24.12.21 08:00 |

Trend: More than two-thirds of Bulgarians observe traditions on Christmas Eve

79% of Bulgarians make Christmas decorations and observe the traditions on Christmas Eve, a survey by Trend marketing and social research agency, commissioned by 24 Chassa newspaper , show. According to almost half of the respondents,..

23.12.21 10:50 |

The magic of Christ’s Nativity, or when the heavens spread open

The Nativity of Jesus Christ or Christmas is the most beloved and long-awaited holiday by young and old alike. Similar to other holidays in Bulgaria, it is full of rites and rituals, some of which are rooted centuries ago. On the eve of..

24.12.20 09:15 |

Christmas Eve, a day of humility, thankfulness and hope

Christmas Eve, a day of humility, thankfulness and hope. Though not all people in Bulgaria observe the Nativity fast throughout the entire period designated – 40 days - all families sit down to a festive meal together. To several..

24.12.16 11:05 |
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