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Armenians in Bulgaria celebrate Christmas

On January 6, Armenians celebrate Christmas and Epiphany. This year the Armenian Church in Sofia will be broadcasting the Holy Liturgy online because of the pandemic. This was what Vartanush Topakbashian, editor-in-chief of the Yerevan newspaper, has..

06.01.21 04:45 |

Bulgarian man with cerebral palsy raises funds for charity as Santa Claus

For the seventh year in a row, 36-year-old Georgi Simeonov from Gorna Oryahovitsa has taken the role of Santa Claus to help somebody in need. This time his charity activity is aimed at a 41-year-old fellow citizen with stomach cancer and will..

27.12.20 11:41 |
Rumen Radev and Boyko Borissov

Bulgarian President and Prime Minister greet Bulgarians on Christmas

Bulgaria's President Rumen Radev and Prime Minister Boyko Borissov greeted Bulgarians on the arrival of Christmas via their Facebook profiles, wishing them health and hope. "Let us be united in our efforts to preserve the spirituality destined to..

25.12.20 10:14 |

Many Bulgarians hope for a Christmas miracle, says psychologist

During this year many Bulgarians prepared their Christmas decorations very early, lavishly decorating their homes. The psychologist Bilyana Stoyanova sees in this a hope for a miracle which could "stop the flow of black statistics and we could start..

24.12.20 10:26 |
Bulgarian Patriarch Neophyte

Bulgaria's Patriarch Neophyte will serve solemn liturgies on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day

The Bulgarian Patriarch Neophyte will lead the solemn services in the Patriarchal Cathedral of Saint Alexander Nevsky on the occasion of the Nativity of Christ . This was announced by the Bulgarian Patriarchate. On December 24, on Christmas Eve,..

24.12.20 06:15 |

Heavy pre-Christmas traffic at Sofia exits and major highways

Despite the pandemic, the pre-holiday traffic in the capital Sofia and the exits to the Trakia and Hemus highways has become intense. Traffic police call for careful driving and remind that the rules must be followed.  Traffic police teams will be..

23.12.20 19:15 |

Holiday celebrations will be modest as people are not in the mood

Because of the coronavirus, 23% of Bulgarians have changed their plans for the holidays. 3 out of 4 say the holidays will not be the same because of the pandemic. 59% will refrain from meeting friends and relatives during the holidays. Nearly 2.5..

22.12.20 10:46 |

"Draw Christmas for Heroes in White" campaign - a message of gratitude and hope

The drawings of hundreds of children from Bulgaria and abroad will warm the hearts of medics on the front line against the epidemic in 4 hospitals in Sofia today. "For two weeks, children from all over the country and abroad have sent their..

22.12.20 09:35 |

Bulgarian children in UK’s Reading in expectation of Christmas and New Year

When Victoria Vlahovska moved to Reading, UK, it turned out that the Bulgarian school that her daughter was supposed to attend to study her native language was more than an hour’s drive away. However, the Bulgarian diaspora in Reading is large,..

21.12.20 12:46 |

Hotels in Albena remain closed for Christmas and New Year

All hotels in the "Albena" resort on the Bulgarian Black Sea coast remain closed for Christmas and New Year, despite the opportunities for sports, recreation and spa outside the active season. However, the complex can be used for walks. "The most..

03.12.20 13:13 |
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