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Attacks continue in Ukraine despite Putin's unilateral truce

Russian and Ukrainian forces continue to exchange artillery fire at the front line in Ukraine, although  Russia  announced a  ceasefire  from 12:00 on 6 January until 24:00 on 7 January to mark Christmas. On January 6, Russia, Ukraine and Serbia..

07.01.23 12:10 |

The day of St. Stephen closes the circle of Christmas feast days

As the legend has it, St. Stephen was fully devoted to his service. He was among the first 7 deacons, initiated by the first apostles. He was a wonderworker- he would put his hands on ill bodies and those would be healed in a miraculous manner. Elated..

27.12.22 06:10 |
Christmas buenek from Yambol

Nearly 300 carolers perform on the streets of Yambol

Nearly 300 carolers (koledari) danced through the streets of Yambol on the occasion of the Nativity of Christ. The local carol groups, called "kudi", started their tour late last night and continue today throughout the day, attracting hundreds of..

25.12.22 17:50 |

What are the Christmas wishes of Bulgarian politicians

Noting that we are sending off a difficult year, the Bulgarian politicians expressed hope to the BNR that the next one will be better. Reporter Maria Filema tells about what their hopes are.  "The cascade of elections must stop," Daniel Mitov from..

25.12.22 14:51 |
Children from Patilansko Tsarstvo Bulgarian School in Myrtle Beach, South Karolina, USA

Bulgarians in Bulgaria and around the world celebrate Christmas

"May today's holy day bring health, hope and warmth to every Bulgarian family. May faith in goodness give us the strength to continue fighting together for the just causes of our people, for a peaceful and happy future for the children of Bulgaria!"..

25.12.22 12:12 |

Is Christmas turkey gaining popularity in Bulgaria?

In recent years, turkey has begun to find its place on the Bulgarian Christmas table. However, despite its health benefits and great taste, turkey is still not among the most preferred meats in Bulgaria. " On the Bulgarian..

25.12.22 11:05 |

The caroling tradition in the Bulgarian village of Pirgovo

Celebrating Christmas is one of the most important and most awaited days of the year. After the hard work of harvesting in the autumn and the preparation for the cold winter, the short and dark days of December seem to brighten with the festive..

25.12.22 09:05 |

The turkey in traditional Bulgarian cuisine

Unlike Christmas Eve , when meat is not eaten, the meal on Christmas Day is opulent with lots of meat dishes.  And though turkey recipes are for family get-togethers (because turkeys are big birds and can feed a lot of people), in Bulgarian..

25.12.22 07:05 |

Priest Lyubomir Stoyanov: The essence of the holiday is in the soul where ‎love is born

"Glory to God in the highest, on earth peace, goodwill among men." For more than 2,000 years, this angelic hymn has sounded in all Christian churches to glorify the Nativity of Christ as a celebration of hope and faith in the all-conquering power..

24.12.22 19:30 |

Charity Christmas campaigns take place across Bulgaria

One day before Christmas, people in need received generous food parcels from the Christmas carolers who organized the charity campaign "Be Human". Dozens of donors took part in the campaign and made more than 50 lonely people and poor families in..

24.12.22 14:11 |
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