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Plamen Dimitrov

Public anger over prices may turn to disapproval voting at 2 April election, CITUB president says

Officially, the total inflation in Bulgaria for the past two years stands at over 28%, and it has impacted every household in Bulgaria. Against the backdrop of this figure, the trade unions in the country are demanding that all people, whose salaries..

28.03.23 11:10 |

Bulgaria has the lowest minimum salary in EU

The Confederation of Independent Trade Unions, CITUB has demanded that the minimum monthly salary for this year be raised to 730 Leva (EUR 373), instead of 710 Leva (EUR 363), as proposed by Minister of Finance Assen Vassilev. At a discussion..

11.01.22 15:18 |

Confederation of Independent Trade Unions: Women in Bulgaria get paid less

“Women in Bulgaria receive salaries which are an average of 14% lower than the salaries of men. This places the country within the “golden mean” among the other countries members of the EU,” Ivaylo Dinev from the Institute for Social and Trade Union..

06.03.21 14:15 |

Bulgaria needs to allocate public funds to the tune of EUR 2.5 billion for higher incomes

Wages in Bulgaria could see a significant increase if this country’s gross domestic product increases with 3.5% on an annual basis and the average annual inflation is around 2%, forecasts the Confederation of Independent Trade Unions in Bulgaria...

22.02.21 19:41 |

Unions demand wages increase by more than 1/3 within next 18 months

Over the next 18 months, the Confederation of Independent Trade Unions in Bulgaria (CITUB) will insist that the minimum wage should reach 400 euros and the average wage - 871 euros . According to the union, these are completely achievable goals...

16.07.20 17:31 |

Working women in Bulgaria earn an average of 14.4 percent less than men

The Confederation of Independent Trade Unions and the Friedrich Ebert Foundation organized a national conference dedicated to equal pay day between women and men. The focus of the discussions is on the factors behind the gender pay gap and the..

27.11.18 10:15 |
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