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GERB submits to parliament draft for new Constitution

GERB has submitted to the parliament's office a draft of a new Constitution and a draft decision to convene a Grand National Assembly. This was announced by the party's press center. Earlier in the day, 127 signatures of MPs were collected with a..

02.09.20 19:39 |
Даниела Дариткова от ГЕРБ и Искрен Веселинов от ВМРО на брифинга в Народното събрание

The necessary votes for new Constitution have been collected

The required 120 votes have been collected to submit a draft of a new Constitution. This was announced at a joint press conference by GERB and VMRO political parties. Earlier today, they agreed to include in the draft new Constitution, prepared by..

02.09.20 16:59 |
Minister Krassimir Karakachanov

IMRO to support new Constitution if it included demands of nationalists

Nationalist party IMRO will not sign the draft new Constitution proposed by GERB if it did not comply with its demands. This was announced by Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Defense Krassimir Karakachanov at the opening ceremony of the academic..

01.09.20 19:00 |

Solution to political crisis in Bulgaria is in peoples’ hands

The outcome of the political crisis in Bulgaria remains unclear against the backdrop of ongoing antigovernment protests and at the start of the new political season. This country’s cabinet refused to resign and proposed amendments to..

31.08.20 12:45 |

Parliamentary Speaker: Proposed changes to Constitution are first invitation for talks

"Negotiations for collecting signatures for submitting the draft for a new constitution will begin on Tuesday," said National Assembly Speaker Tsveta Karayancheva in Zlatograd, where she attended the unveiling of the monument to Momchil Voivoda. The..

22.08.20 14:32 |

President Radev: Proposals for constitutional change only aim at cementing the status-quo

"The road to constitutional changes passes through the resignation of the government and the prosecutor general, through the self-dissolution of parliament and early elections" .  This was stated by the Bulgarian head of state Rumen Radev on his way to..

22.08.20 12:48 |
Daniel Smilov

Political scientist Daniel Smilov: New draft constitution is imperfect

The Bulgarian Constitution is about to fall victim to GERB's tactical political considerations, argues political scientist Daniel Smilov from the Centre for Liberal Strategies. In an interview for the BNR, Smilov said that GERB has a plan about how to..

20.08.20 11:52 |

Tourism Minister: The country's basic law should not be static

Bulgaria's Minister of Tourism Mariana Nikolova has voiced her support for the draft of a new Constitution submitted by GERB. She told Nova TV that the changes in the Constitution proposed by GERB are "a matter of meeting the needs of society" and that a..

20.08.20 11:44 |
Alexander Tomov (in the middle)

Prof. Alexander Tomov: Everything that we have achieved in the past 30 year has been obliterated

The leader of the "Together for Change" movement, Prof. Alexander Tomov, one of the creators of the current Constitution of Bulgaria, insisted at a briefing on amending GERB's project for changes in the Constitution. "The new draft constitution allows..

19.08.20 19:14 |

Vice President Yotova: The government is trying to stay in power

Bulgaria's Vice President Iliana Yotova believes that with its new draft Constitution, the ruling GERB party is trying to stay in power.   "I believe that this project, which is offensive to lawyers and to us as a nation, aims to throw the country into..

19.08.20 17:10 |
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