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Betina Zhoteva

Council for Electronic Media informs EC about the reduced funding of public-service media

Betina Zhoteva has been appointed as Chairperson of the Council for Electronic Media (CEC). Four members of CEC voted in favor and one abstained.   The Council for Electronic Media also decided to send a letter to the European Commission in..

10.05.21 13:22 |
Andon Baltakov

Bulgarian National Radio Director-General submits resignation

The Director-General of the Bulgarian National Radio Andon Baltakov has submitted, to the Council for Electronic Media, a request for the early termination of his contract. The Council has expressed the hope that he will reconsider his decision to..

21.10.20 18:51 |

BNR and BNT comply with requirement for pluralism: Council for Electronic Media

The pluralism of points of views in each of the news and current affairs programs covering political and economic topics is observed by the public broadcasters- the Bulgarian National Television and the Bulgarian National Radio, the monitoring report..

12.08.20 18:25 |
Emil Koshlukov

Emil Koshlukov to be ad interim Director-General of Bulgarian National TV

Bulgarian National TV Director-General Konstantin Kamenarov has submitted his resignation to the Council for Electronic Media after the court found him guilty of drunken driving. The resignation was unanimously approved by the Council for..

24.04.19 11:59 |

Council for Electronic Media: No conditions for revocation of Radio Bulgaria’s license

There are no conditions for revocation of Radio Bulgaria’s license, the legal opinion of the Council for Electronic Media reads. BNR Director General Alexander Velev has asked the media regulator to change the license of Radio Bulgaria so that content..

06.06.17 17:00 |

The Bulgarian National Radio unable to play contemporary music due to dispute with Musicautor

The Bulgarian National Radio has been unable to play contemporary music since January 1, 2017, Director General of BNR Alexander Velev announced. Alexander Velev explained that Musicautor which manages the copyrights of composers and record labels..

03.01.17 12:36 |
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