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The Council of Ministers building

Council of Ministers holds open doors day for the first time

For the first time the Council of Ministers is holding an open doors day, at the initiative of caretaker Prime Minister Galab Donev. Members of the public will be able to take a tour of the building from 10 AM until 4 PM. The tour includes..

13.05.23 10:15 |

Council of Ministers extends temporary protection for displaced persons from Ukraine until March 4, 2024

The Council of Ministers has extended temporary protection for displaced persons from Ukraine until March 4, 2024.  The decision was taken in line with the European Commission's decision to extend the Temporary Protection Directive. A..

01.02.23 16:58 |

Parliament must ratify if changes to Ukraine arms list are needed, government decides

The agreement between Bulgaria and Ukraine, signed on 5 December 2022 by the defence ministries of the two countries, on the supply of Bulgarian arms, equipment and ammunition to Ukraine free of charge for the host country, was adopted today by the..

29.12.22 18:27 |

Cyberattack disrupts the website of Bulgaria’s government

The website of the Council of Ministers of the Republic of Bulgaria is now available. Earlier on Sunday, it was subjected to a hacker attack. The government press service assured that the necessary actions had been taken to restore access. Last..

13.11.22 17:12 |

Protesters place Z placards on the Ministry of Energy building

About twenty people, who took part at the protest organized by the C ivil A ssociation Bulgaria United with One Goal  ( B OETS) , covered the Ministry of Energy building with Z placards to protest against the possible restoration..

30.08.22 11:13 |
Hristo Ivanov

Foreign Affairs Committee postpones meeting on North Macedonia

Parliament's Foreign Affairs Committee postponed its meeting on North Macedonia until the Council of Ministers came up with a decision.  The MPs were to discuss the so-called French proposal to resolve the dispute between the authorities in..

22.06.22 17:17 |

Disagreement in ruling coalition over the topics of North Macedonia and Russian ambassador

Neither the leadership coalition council, nor the Council of Ministers nor the council in the National Assembly have discussed and decided on expulsion of the Russian ambassador, BSP leader and Deputy Prime Minister Korneliya..

07.04.22 10:54 |
Kiril Petkov

Bulgaria donates 2,000 helmets and 2,000 bulletproof vests to Ukraine

Bulgaria will provide 2,000 helmets and 2,000 bullet-proof vests for the individual protection of the Ukrainian population , the Council of Ministers has decided. Head of PM Kiril Petkov's Office Lena Borislavova said the government was also..

06.04.22 14:29 |
Asena Serbezova

Bulgarian Minister of Health Asena Serbezova to attend the Council of Ministers meeting on Social Affairs and Health

Health Minister Asena Serbezova will take part in the regular meeting of the Council of the European Union on Employment, Social Policy, Health and Consumer Affairs (Health part) in Brussels o n March 29 .  On the agenda of the meeting are t he..

28.03.22 15:44 |

80% of the Bulgarians do not support military aid to Ukraine, says PM Kiril Petkov

Over 150 military personnel from the UK will join the Bulgarian task force. We are also having talks with Italy, but the task force will be under Bulgarian command, Prime Minister Kiril Petkov said in Brussels ahead of the meeting of the European..

24.03.22 13:58 |
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