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The Northwest sinks deeper into poverty, population shrinkage continues

The Covid crisis has deepened the economic chasm between the capital city and the other regions of the country. This is the conclusion drawn by the Institute for Market Economics in its annual analysis "Regional Profiles: Indicators of Development",..

04.01.22 14:56 |

BIA: The pandemic continues to worsen Bulgaria's business climate

A study of the Bulgarian Industrial Association (BIA) for the country's business climate shows that in 2021 the negative trend of 2020  trigged by the Covid crisis  continues . Only 9% of the respondents see an improvement in the business..

13.12.21 14:17 |
The participants in today's meeting of the Consultative Council on National Security

After 5 hours, Consultative Council on National Security ends without consensus

The Consultative Council on National Security, convened by President Rumen Radev, focusing on the financial measures to address the Covid crisis and the measures against the increased migratory pressure at Bulgaria’s border with Turkey due to the..

16.08.21 19:00 |

Predictability, vaccine rollout, Covid hotels or how to save tourist summer 2021

What tourists are looking for right now is safety and predictability. Prices, additional attractions, quality of services and other factors that used to shape tourist behavior before the Covid crisis are no longer valid, says Ivan Groshev,..

04.06.21 10:50 |

Covid-19 surge on eve of parliamentary elections could play a nasty trick on political parties

Will the candidates for the new parliament be able to get the better of the most powerful player at these elections – the coronavirus epidemic and model voter attitudes in their own favour? A question even sociologists and..

29.03.21 15:19 |

Media Literacy Index 2021: Bulgarian society among worst equipped to withstand the impact of fake news

Bulgaria occupies a place near the bottom of the media literacy index for 2021 – 30 th position out of 35 European countries, and falls into the same group as Greece (27), Romania (28), Serbia (29), Turkey (31) and Montenegro (32)...

24.03.21 11:36 |

Covid-19 hampers development of 20% of small businesses in Bulgaria

More than 20% of small and medium-sized businesses in Bulgaria are finding it difficult to resume production in the Covid crisis. They have infrastructure and staff, but no working capital. More than 75% of small and medium-sized enterprises have..

06.01.21 17:07 |

380,000 persons have lost their jobs since start of Covid crisis

380,000 people have lost their jobs in the last eleven months , indicates data of Bulgaria's National Statistical Institute and the Employment Agency, which are monitoring how the Covid crisis is affecting the labour market.  During the same period,..

02.01.21 10:07 |

Covid-19 crisis – serious test for small municipalities in Bulgaria

The small municipalities in Bulgaria are experiencing serious difficulties amidst the coronavirus pandemic. Their budgets have been reduced by half and unemployment levels grew due to mass bankruptcies of the local business. The..

25.08.20 16:54 |
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