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Over EUR 850 million earmarked for Bulgaria’s agriculture sector

Over EUR 850 million will be allocated for Bulgaria’s agriculture sector until the end of 2020 under European and national funding, Bulgaria’s Premier Boyko Borissov said during a visit to a livestock farm .  The government is working in full gear..

18.10.20 14:04 |

Bulgarian carries to receive gratuitous help due to Covid-19 crisis

All licensed carriers in Bulgaria are to receive gratuitous financial assistance by the state to overcome the economic consequences of Covid-19 crisis. Depending on their turnover, the companies will receive between EUR 1,534 and EUR 230,081 , this..

02.10.20 14:11 |
Premier Boyko Borissov

Bulgaria satisfied with decision of European Council on Turkey

Bulgaria is ready to join the production of face masks, protective clothing and ventilators amid the efforts of the EU to ensure own supply of protective equipment during the Covid-19 crisis, Bulgaria’s Premier Boyko Borissov said. On the second day..

02.10.20 12:57 |

Moderate optimism about Bulgaria-Turkey economic relations against backdrop of Covid-19 crisis

The Covid-19 pandemic affected the entire world economy and millions of people lost their jobs. The crisis has led to contraction of consumption, cessation of production and disruption of already established supply chains. The economic consequences of..

15.09.20 11:17 |

Vice-President: Money earmarked for measures to address Covid-19 crisis should create jobs

The money earmarked by the EU for measures to address the Covid-19 crisis should drive economic growth, create new jobs and be distributed fairly and reasonably. These funds alone are not a panacea, Bulgaria’s Vice-President Iliana Yotova said at the..

11.09.20 10:22 |
Bulgarian National Bank

Loans worth more than 4.6 billion euros under a moratorium amid Covid-19 crisis

More than 107,000 loans are subject to a temporary moratorium due to the economic consequences of Covid-19 at the end of July. This is clear from data of the Bulgarian National Bank , BNR reports.The total value of these loans is over nine billion levs..

31.08.20 19:07 |
Premier Boyko Borissov (L) at the 15th Bled Strategic Forum

Premier Boyko Borissov calls for more solidarity amidst Covid-19 crisis

It turned out that we are not ready for a pandemic. In March the countries were competing which one would close its borders first, Bulgaria’s Premier Boyko Borissov underlined in his speech at the 15 th Bled Strategic Forum. In the context of the..

31.08.20 13:27 |

Extraordinary sitting of Bulgaria’s National Assembly fails, protesters shout Resignation

The extraordinary sitting of Bulgaria’s National Assembly that was expected to be held today has failed. Only 78 MPs appeared at the plenary hall which was way under the minimum quorum of 121 members of Parliament. MPs from the Bulgarian Socialist..

13.08.20 13:13 |

9% VAT for some sectors – benefits and drawbacks for the economy

Amidst continuing anti-government protests, the government reduced, temporarily, VAT on wine and beer served in food and drink establishments form 20% to 9%. The motive of the authors of the measure – the United Patriots and Volya – was to..

04.08.20 10:50 |

Government announces EUR 1 billion social and economic measures package for addressing Covid-19 crisis

After a meeting of the council of the ruling coalition, Prime Minister Boyko Borissov gave a briefing to announce a financial assistance package for those affected by the coronavirus pandemic crisis. The package, costing a total of over EUR 1 billion,..

27.07.20 13:58 |
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