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Bulgaria’s film industry returns to 2016 levels due to the Covid-19 crisis

Bulgaria is the only EU country that has not taken anti-crisis measures in the film industry sphere, a survey of the Observatory of Cultural Economics (OCE) shows.  The number of people employed in the film industry has decreased by nearly 400..

28.12.21 12:41 |

Debate between presidential candidates Radev and Gerdzhikov lasts for nearly one and a half hours

The Bulgarian National Television  broadcasted the only TV debate between the two Presidential candidates. Rumen Radev and Professor Anastas Gerdzhikov voiced expectations that the political forces represented at the 47 th National Assembly will..

19.11.21 11:27 |

Bulgaria’s economy suffers from a labor shortage – it is time for rescue measures

Bulgaria’s labor market has been changing very rapidly over the past two years and long-term plans and strategies can no longer be made. The business is struggling to find qualified staff with high potential for development. The severe..

19.10.21 12:50 |

Bulgarians become the biggest investors in real estate properties in their homeland

The Covid-19 crisis has affected all business spheres. However, according to data of Bulgarian real estate agents, demand and sales of housing properties have gone up, especially in the big cities. In their view, this is due to..

01.09.21 13:27 |

Overwork and greater interest in labor rights marked, according to experts

Lawyers almost jokingly say that after the Road Traffic Act, the other most violated law in Bulgaria is the Labor Code. Most often, legal advice from trade unions is sought by people who were fired or forced to leave their jobs; or have not..

30.04.21 10:05 |

What do young people expect from the future government of Bulgaria

Bulgarians today elect their representatives in the 45 th National Assembly. Young people were a major driving force during the summer protests against the country's government in 2020. What do young people expect from Bulgaria’s future..

04.04.21 12:10 |

Difficult months lie ahead of Bulgarian economy

Although 2020 ended less than a week ago, the consequences of the Covid-19 crisis that marked it, will have a long effect on the mental, emotional and especially the financial well-being of Bulgarians and of all other nations in the world. We..

06.01.21 12:55 |

Bulgaria extends anti-crisis measures until September 2021

The 60/40 wage support scheme will continue until September 2021. The 80/20 anti-crisis measure, as well as “Save Me” measure adopted to help businesses which have been closed due to the Covid-19 crisis, will be extended as well. The “Save Me”..

23.12.20 12:09 |

Is there a socio-economic dilemma: People or economy

A partial lockdown has been in force in Bulgaria since last Friday. It will continue until December 21. The new anti-epidemic measures are due to the deterioration of the epidemiological situation and the spread of the coronavirus infection. As soon as..

01.12.20 11:45 |

Agriculture is among least impacted sectors by Covid-19 pandemic

Gross value added in Bulgaria’s agriculture, forestry and fishery in 2019 increased with 4.1% as compared to 2018 and amounted to nearly EUR 2 billion, the analysis part of the government’s annual report on the state and development of this..

25.11.20 14:50 |
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