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Bulgaria orders 3 million additional doses of RNA vaccines

Bulgaria will additionally order more than 3 million doses of RNA vaccines against Covid-19, this country’s Minister of Health Professor Kostadin Angelov announced at today’s cabinet meeting.  The decision of Bulgaria's authorities was due to the..

10.02.21 13:06 |

New shipment of vaccines arrives at Sofia Airport

A new delivery of 17,000 doses of the Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine against Covid-19 has arrived in Bulgaria. Another 260,000 doses of the AstraZeneca vaccine are expected this month , said Bogdan Kirilov, chairman of the Bulgarian Medicines Agency...

01.02.21 10:08 |

Covid-19 in Bulgaria: Day 322

Bulgaria seeks assistance from 120 countries for upcoming Parliamentary elections Bulgaria’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs has contacted more than 120 countries on occasion of the forthcoming Parliamentary elections on April 4 and the opportunity..

23.01.21 17:34 |
Mariya Gabriel

Covid-19 vaccine production capacity faces challenges

We are witnessing some weaknesses in terms of the production capacity of Covid-19 vaccines. Investments must be made in this direction, European Commissioner for Innovation, Culture, Education and Youth Mariya Gabriel told BNR's Horizont channel...

08.01.21 11:25 |
Associate Professor Angel Kunchev

1,000 Bulgarians to be tested for effectiveness of Covid-19 vaccine

Some  vaccinated  Bulgarians will undergo tests aimed to clarify the effectiveness of the  Covid-19  vaccine, this country’s Chief State Health Inspector Associate Professor Angel Kunchev announced in Plovdiv. In the beginning, the studies will..

28.12.20 15:20 |
Dr. Rumen Kofinov

Bulgaria not ready to produce Covid-19 vaccines yet

The EUR 11 million allocated by Bulgaria’s government to the state-owned company Bul Bio Company will be used for the opening of a new production line for BCG vaccine, not for Covid-19 vaccines. In an interview for BNR, the director of the company..

13.12.20 12:56 |
Associate Professor Svetlana Velizarova

Mass vaccination in Bulgaria to start in two months at the earliest

The safety requirements for vaccines are much higher than for medicines. However, there is still very little information about the Covid-19 vaccine. Mass vaccination in Bulgaria will probably start in two months at the earliest, said Associate..

13.12.20 12:14 |
MEP Andrey Kovatchev

MEP: Member States are those which can impose travel restrictions amid pandemic

There is still no single European health policy. The EU would benefit from higher added value if it coordinates the member states during the pandemic, MEP Andrey Kovatchev told BNR. Currently, there is no single EU travel form, Andrey Kovatchev..

08.12.20 10:34 |

Bulgarians fear Covid-19 vaccines: survey

22% of the Bulgarians are adamant that they would take a Covid-19 vaccine. Nearly one-third intend to wait until they are sure of the effect of the vaccine and the absence of side effects. 28.9% would refuse to take Covid-19 vaccine due to fear of the..

30.11.20 13:57 |

Covid-19 vaccination will be free and voluntary

Currently, no Covid-19 vaccine has passed all phases of clinical trials, Bulgaria’s Minister of Health Kostadin Angelov underlined during the Parliamentary control, our Parliamentary reporter Dobrina Karambolova informs.  When the vaccines are..

27.11.20 14:59 |
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