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Pope Francis to give an audience to President Radev

The Head of the Roman Catholic Church Pope Francis is to give an audience today to Bulgaria’s head of state Rumen Radev and the Bulgarian delegation led by President Radev . Bulgaria‘ s President Radev is also expected to meet with the..

27.05.21 06:00 |

Bulgarians in Chicago mark May 24 at the local City Hall

R epresentatives of the Bulgarian community in Chicago are invited to visit the C ity H all on the occasion of May 24 - Day of the Holy Brothers Cyril and Methodius, of the Bulgarian Alphabet, Education and Culture and of Slavic Literature..

24.05.21 13:49 |

On May 11, Bulgarians pay homage to Saint Cyril and Saint Methodius

Today the Bulgarian Orthodox Church celebrates the day of the Holy Equal-to-the-Apostles and Illuminators Cyril and Methodius , the creators and distributors of the Slavic alphabet - the Glagolitic alphabet. In recognition of the..

11.05.21 11:03 |

We mark 40th anniversary of proclamation of Cyril and Methodius as co-patrons of Europe

December 30 marks the 40th anniversary of the proclamation by Pope John Paul II with his Apostolic Letter Egregiae Virtitus of Saints Cyril and Methodius as co-patrons of Europe. Cyril and Methodius are among the six saints proclaimed..

30.12.20 10:22 |

Orthodox Church marks Dormition of St. Naum of Ohrid the Wonder Worker

On December 23, the Bulgarian Orthodox Church marks the Dormition of St. Naum of Ohrid the Wonder Worker, the youngest disciple of the Holy Brothers Cyril and Methodius.  Saint Naum took part in the historic mission of Great Moravia together with..

23.12.20 11:33 |

Bulgaria marks 70 years since establishment of Cyril and Methodius State Order

Навършват се 70 години от учредяването на Държавното отличие "Кирил и Методий" На днешната дата, през 1950г., Президиумът на Народното събрание учредява ордена "Кирил и Методий" като държавна награда с три степени. Отличието е приемник на ордена "Св. св...

13.12.20 08:05 |

Bulgarian school in Athens celebrates 24 May with a book

The oldest Bulgarian weekend school in the Greek capital bears the names of the men who created the Slavic alphabet – saints Cyril and Methodius. The school was set up by ambitious parents and teachers in 2004. Today it is attended by close..

23.05.20 07:00 |

Saints Cyril and Methodius are depicted on icons as missionaries and educators

It is no coincidence that the first preserved images of the Holy Apostles Cyril and Methodius, whose work the church honors on May 11, come from the heart of Europe. It was in Rome where the brothers from Thessalonica carried out their..

11.05.20 14:37 |

Prime Ministers of Bulgaria and Macedonia commemorated Sts. Cyril and Methodius in Rome

Official delegations of Bulgaria and Macedonia, led by Prime Ministers Boyko Borissov and Zoran Zaev, paid honor for the first time together to the work of the holy brothers Cyril and Methodius in the basilica of San Clemente in Rome, where the tomb of..

25.05.18 09:45 |

Consecration of new cathedral church in Lovech

Today, the third Sunday after Easter, day of the Holy Myrrhbearers, a new cathedral church is being consecrated in Lovech, the Saints Cyril and Methodius, an important event for the Lovech diocese. A cathedral church was last consecrated in Vidin 90..

30.04.17 10:19 |
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