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Growers from 5 member states submit declaration to EU Parliament

A joint declaration by farmers' organisations from 5 EU member states has been signed in Poland, BNR Varna reporter Maya Shcherbanova informs. The demands of farmers from Poland, Slovakia, the Czech Republic, Bulgaria and Romania, are for the import of..

13.04.23 17:48 |

Bulgarian school "Dr. Petar Beron" in Prague celebrates 75 years since its establishment

In the 1920s, Bulgarian gardeners valued for their skills settled in the surroundings of the big Czech cities. And in order for their children to know their roots and native language, they created a private Bulgarian school. ‎ Narrating..

29.03.23 14:09 |

Varna Airport reports 57% increase in passengers since the beginning of ‎2023

Since the beginning of 2023, there has been a significant increase in passengers ‎at Bulgaria's  Varna Airport . It seems that the Bulgarian Black sea capital is about to catch up ‎with the serious outflow of travelers in the last two years, related to..

21.03.23 13:44 |
Petar Simeonov

Candies with Bulgarian rose petals will tempt consumers in the Czech Republic

Lavender and rose water, rose petals and cosmetic products from Bulgaria caused a real sensation at the International Green Week Berlin , which took place at the beginning of the year. It was there that the company of the Bulgarian rose grower Petar..

17.03.23 16:54 |

The history of Czech Christmas glass toys comes to life in Sofia and Plovdiv

An exhibition of glass Christmas toys will be opened in the Czech Centre in Sofia on December 6 . The exhibition is entitled "The design of Christmas?!" and tells a kind of tale about the history of Christmas decoration, presenting a selection of..

04.12.22 07:10 |

Czech Day in Sofia awaits the citizens of Sofia

The Czech Day in Sofia festival will be held today on the summer stage in Sofia's Borisova garden as part of the cultural program of the Czech Presidency of the European Union. The event is organized by the Embassy of the Czech Republic in Bulgaria and..

10.09.22 07:00 |

The Cultural Institute of Bulgaria in Prague abounds in youthful spirit and inspiring history

Cultural diplomacy can achieve the unachievable. A Bulgarian diplomat in Prague was convinced in the truthfulness of these words a century ago. His tough task being to restore the good name of his country after World War I, Dimitar Michalchev was..

21.02.22 09:45 |

Bulgarian President expresses solidarity with the Czech Republic over devastating tornado

The President of Bulgaria Rumen Radev has sent a letter of condolences to the Head of State of the Czech Republic Miloš Zeman regarding  the devastating tornado that claimed human lives. On behalf of the Bulgarian people and on his own behalf, the..

25.06.21 18:07 |

Bulgaria and the Czech Republic co-operate in investigation into Vrbetice blast

At a meeting with outgoing Foreign Minister Ekaterina Zaharieva, Czech Ambassador Lukash Kautsky briefed her on the latest developments in the investigation into the explosion of an ammunition warehouse in Vrbetice in 2014 and the related crisis in..

26.04.21 19:36 |

Deutsche Welle: 2014 blast in Czech Republic was planned to take place on Bulgarian territory

According to the investigation, the explosion in Vrbetice in 2014 should not have taken place on Czech territory, but on Bulgarian territory, the Deutsche Welle reported, alongside information from the Czech authorities that Russian spies Alexander..

19.04.21 13:58 |
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