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Protesters to set up tent camp on the Danube Bridge near Ruse

P rotesters are planning to set up a tent camp on the Danube B ridge in Ruse at 6pm on Wednesday  to express their discontent against the traffic congestion caused by cargo vehicles, the BNR’s correspondent in Ruse Asya Pencheva reported...

03.08.22 17:42 |
Danube Bridge, Ruse

Intermodal terminal to ease traffic across Danube at Ruse after 2025

An intermodal terminal is to be built in Ruse by the end of 2025, the Railway Infrastructure National company has announced. Long queues of trucks at Danube Bridge near Vidin continue, international drivers furious The start is..

05.07.22 14:57 |

Long queues of trucks at Danube Bridge near Vidin continue, international drivers furious

At the height of summer, let us take a look at the national road network, though not the thoroughfares leading to the seaside resorts in the environs of Varna but at the region of the town of Vidin. Once the capital of the Tsardom (Kingdom) of..

05.07.22 11:11 |
Danube Bridge 1 linking Giurgiu in Romania with Ruse in Bulgaria

Romanian Vice Premier requests postponement of Danube Bridge repairs because of summer tourist season

Romanian Deputy Prime Minister Sorin Grindeanu, who is also Minister of Transport and Infrastructure, has asked the Bulgarian authorities to postpone the repair of Danube Bridge 1 at Giurgiu on the Romanian side and Ruse on the Bulgarian to autumn,..

09.06.22 13:18 |

Long queue of trucks at Danube Bridge border crossing

A long queue of heavy trucks has formed again in the area of the Danube Bridge border checkpoint. According to Border Police officers, there was no technical reason and the only explanation for the situation was heavy traffic caused by the war in..

08.06.22 19:36 |

Border authorities at Danube Bridge prevent illegal shipment of pets

The Bulgarian Food Safety Agency has stopped the shipment of pets and prevented an attempt to cross the Bulgarian-Romanian border with irregular documents, the agency said. 16 dogs and cats with no certificates or with incorrectly..

03.04.22 17:39 |

Huge queues of trucks at Danube Bridge 2 following closure of major mountain pass

There are huge queues of trucks in the area of ​​the Danube bridge 2 at the town of Vidin. The Traffic Police said that due to the repairs in the Pass of the Republic connecting North and South Bulgaria via the Balkan Range , the drivers are heading to..

08.10.21 11:22 |

Truck drivers block Danube Bridge near Vidin

Truck drivers have blocked the Danube Bridge near Vidin, demanding that Romanian authorities carry out quicker border checks. The traffic was stopped in the afternoon as the blockade continued for an hour. For months, the queues of trucks have..

26.08.21 18:11 |

Albanian and Turkish military units pass through Bulgaria

More than 400 military officers with military equipment will be relocated on May 10 and 11 from Turkey and Albania to Romania, passing through Bulgaria. Together with troops from another 20 countries, they will take part in NATO's Steadfast Defender 2021..

10.05.21 10:28 |

Partial restrictions of traffic on Danube Bridge near Ruse until April 29

In the period April 26 - 29th, traffic on the Danube Bridge near Ruse will be stopped for 4 hours every day between 20:00 and 24:00, the Road Infrastructure Agency reported. Temporary organization of traffic in a 1-kilometer..

26.04.21 10:33 |

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