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Danube drought threatens riverside ecosystems

Drought, which has swept across Europe, is a growing concern for Bulgarians living along the Danube. The low water level of the river is causing extreme losses to shipping. Hundreds of self-propelled and nonself-propelled vessels are waiting in..

31.08.22 15:08 |

Low water level hampers navigation on the Danube

The level of the Danube near Ruse is critically low. It is currently minus 55 centimetres. The record low is minus 73 centimetres, measured in 2003, BNT reports. Shipping has virtually stopped and ship owners are suffering..

07.08.22 17:15 |

Fishermen take video of beaver in Bulgarian waters of Danube River

Fishermen have filmed a beaver in the Danube River near the village of Dolni Vadin . Its appearance in the Bulgarian section of the river is curious, because according to biologists the species has long since disappeared from Bulgaria.  In 2020,..

17.05.22 10:43 |

Aboard Radetzky steamship towards free Bulgaria

The year was 1876 and in the night of May 17th a military detachment of Bulgarian emigrants started their trip from the Romanian city of Giurgiu towards suffering Bulgaria, which had been under Ottoman rule for 5 centuries. Leader was poet and..

02.06.15 13:25 |

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