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Baba Vida Fortress

History, wine and nature - Vidin as an attractive destination for cruise trips

“ Discover Baba Vida Fortress, the largest preserved medieval castle in Bulgaria. Alternatively, visit a local home for a demonstration of making traditional Bulgarian yogurt and banitsa pastry. " This is how one the leading..

20.11.23 14:35 |

Residents of Bulgaria's Ruse on the Danube dissatisfied with air quality

Citizens living in the central city districts of Ruse are dissatisfied with the quality of the atmospheric air - according to a study by "Breathe, Ruse" Environmental Association, conducted through a poll on social networks. Residents of Ruse often..

28.10.23 11:05 |

Archeologists unearth a thousand-year-old encolpion cross in ancient fortress of Almus near Bulgaria's Lom

An encolpion cross came to light during archaeological investigations of the ancient Almus fortress in Bulgaria's town of Lom situated on the Danube River. The cross is about 1,100 years old and was made during the reign of Tsar Simeon the Great (from 893..

22.10.23 08:38 |

Antonio Panarello – an Italian in the Bulgarian village of Slanotran on ‎the Danube

Located about 16 kilometers from Vidin, on the banks of the Danube River, ‎the village of Slanotran has a population of about 500 people. The winters ‎here are very severe and the summers are scorching hot. It is this village, ‎unknown even to many..

10.10.23 14:43 |

Bulgaria's Ruse is celebrating its famous Garash cake with a festival

On September 16, for the second year in a row, the residents of the town of Ruse on the Danube will be able to participate in the chocolate festival - Garash Cake Festival. The guests of the event will have the opportunity to personally experience the..

16.09.23 11:10 |

150 cyclists from all over the world join the 10th edition of Dunav Ultra

The start of the 10 th jubilee edition of the Dunav Ultra  cycling route, a leading sporting and tourist event in Bulgaria, will be given on 5 September from the town of Vidin on the Danube. The initiative will be joined by more than 150 cyclists..

31.08.23 11:27 |

Bulgaria is a stopover in the biggest rowing tourist regatta on the Danube

People from the towns along the River Danube have grown accustomed to seeing the participants in one of the world’s oldest rowing tourist tours - Tour International Danubien  - in summer. The international tourist regatta along the Danube has..

29.08.23 14:12 |

The more the better: Guest houses are now much more than a place to stay the night

A holiday by the sea or up in the mountains, but instead of a hotel at a guest house, where visitors feel almost as if they are in their own homes. This summer Bulgarian and foreign tourists have been rediscovering the small joys of living surrounded..

23.08.23 13:14 |

Nursery for birds, floating islands, museum and eco-trail - welcome to the Srebarna Reserve

We find ourselves at one edge of Bulgaria, very close to the city of Silistra, where the Danube leaves the territory of the country and continues through Romania to flow into the Black Sea. Only 17 km from the northernmost Bulgarian city, the air is..

09.08.23 14:08 |

Viking ship docked in Ruse on its way to Istanbul

A replica of a Viking ship has docked in the harbour of the Danubian city of Ruse and tomorrow evening from 6 to 8 p.m., curious citizens will be able to see it from the inside. Eleven Norwegians - members of an association that researches and..

17.07.23 18:05 |
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