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Ruse State Opera

Bulgaria's city of Ruse celebrates its holiday

May 6 has been the official holiday of the Bulgarian city of Ruse on the Danube since 2002. The city was known as the "Little Vienna" after Bulgaria's Liberation from the Ottoman Rule in 1878 and today it is the fifth largest city in this country...

06.05.21 05:45 |

Ferry line between Bulgaria's Silistra and Romania's Calarasi resumes work

The Silistra-Calarasi ferry line, operated by a Romanian carrier, has resumed operation since March 15. The border checkpoint activity at the Silistra Ferry checkpoint has also been restored, Bulgaria's Ministry of Transport announced. By a decision..

15.03.21 09:55 |

Exploration and maintenance of River Danube in Bulgarian-Romanian section to be modernized

A new specialized craft built for the Executive Agency for Exploration and Maintenance of the Danube River is to dredge the River Danube in the Bulgarian-Romanian section, BTA reports. The new dredge, built by a company from the Netherlands,..

12.03.21 11:38 |

1,500 year-old Roman furnace discovered during construction work in Silistra on the Danube

The fully preserved furnace has two tiers. On the bottom tier are the two combustion chambers where a fire is lit to heat up the grate. Above the grate is the second tier of the furnace. The surface area of the grate is about 15 square metres,..

13.12.20 08:30 |

Citizens to block border checkpoint between Bulgaria and Romania near Bulgaria's Silistra

A 30-hour blockade of the border checkpoint between Bulgaria and Romania near the town of Silistra is to start today at 12 o'clock and will last until 6 o'clock on Saturday, November 21 . This was announced by the chairman of the Man, Nature and Health..

20.11.20 09:29 |

Pantheon of National Revival Heroes in Ruse shines with 23.75 karat gold–plated dome

One of the emblems of the city of Ruse – known as the most European and beautiful Bulgarian town – welcomes its visitors with a renovated gold-plated dome. The Pantheon of National Revival Heroes is located in the heart of the Danube city...

18.11.20 12:26 |

Ulpia Oescus – stories of rise and destruction

It was once one of the most glamorous cities along the Danube. Today its ruins are scattered over a huge area in the vicinity of the village of Gigen. The imposing columns with capitals, exquisite consoles and marble blocks are piled..

04.10.20 05:30 |

12th edition of Green Rock Festival kicks off in Rousse tonight

This weekend (12 and 13 September) Rousse on the Danube is hosting a rock and metal marathon. 14 bands have confirmed their participation in Green Rock Festival, and will perform on the stage in Svoboda square in the city. Saint Electrics are..

12.09.20 04:35 |

First cruise ships on Danube expected at Ruse port in July

The first passenger ship is expected to dock in the port in the Danube city of Ruse in mid-July, the Bulgarian National Television reports. For comparison, until July 1, 2019, 207 ships with a total of 29,400 passengers had docked near Ruse.  A year..

27.06.20 16:27 |
Veselin Ovcharov

Paraglider and kitesurfer in competition as they traverse Bulgaria

Two Bulgarian sportsmen – Veselin Ovcharov and Nicola Abadjiev - will traverse the country from west to east along the River Danube.   They will be racing for time, with the former paragliding over the Danube River valley, and the latter kitesurfing..

05.06.20 19:49 |
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