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General Atanas Atanasov

Democratic Bulgaria co-chairman Atanas Atanasov calls for investigation into whether politicians have been bugged

“Three units of the special services have been engaged in misuse of special investigation techniques for political purposes, for control and surveillance of politicians,”  retired General Atanas Atanasov, co-chair of Democratic Bulgaria party stated..

20.05.21 13:41 |

Prosecutors’ association challenges proposal for closing of specialized court and prosecutors‘ office

The Association of Prosecutors in Bulgaria has approached the European Commission, the European Parliament, the Venice Commission and the ambassadors of the EU countries, USA and Great Britain in Sofia regarding “inadmissible interference in the..

05.05.21 10:27 |
GERB MP Desislava Atanasova

GERB/SDS ask whose interests does a bill submitted by Democratic Bulgaria serve

“Whose interests does the bill submitted by Democratic Bulgaria, aimed to stop all 700 lawsuits filed by this country's Anti-Mafia Commission, serve?”, asked the Chairperson of the GERB/SDS parliamentary group Desislava Atanasova on Facebook. The..

27.04.21 12:24 |
Daniel Mitov

If Democratic Bulgaria and ITN do not want talks with GERB we shall hand back the mandate for forming a cabinet by Monday: Daniel Mitov

“If Democratic Bulgaria” and ITN (There Is Such a People) do not want to hold talks with GERB on the government we put forward and on its future priorities we shall hand the mandate back,” Daniel Mitov, nominated for prime minister said for bTV...

21.04.21 11:39 |

Is an “everyone-against-GERB” coalition in parliament possible?

Today President Rumen Radev handed a mandate for the formation of a government to the first political force in parliament – the GERB-SDS coalition. Yesterday’s consultations with the Bulgarian head of state made it clear however that..

20.04.21 14:11 |

Coastline in Rosenets park near Burgas declared official beach after protests

The coastline in Rosenets Park situated about 15 km from Bulgaria's Burgas, for which there was a mass protest last summer , is now officially a beach. This was announced by the MP from Democratic Bulgaria Dimitar Naidenov, referring to a court..

19.04.21 16:12 |
Hristo Ivanov, leader of Democratic Bulgaria

Democratic Bulgaria party proposes changes in the Constitution and the Electoral Code

On the first working day of the new parliament, Democratic Bulgaria coalition submitted proposals for legislative amendments to the Constitution and the Electoral Code. It is proposed to reduce the term of office of the Prosecutor General from 7 to 5..

15.04.21 19:59 |

The new Bulgarian parliament to start work

Today is the first sitting of the 45 th National Assembly elected on April 4. If we look for the symbolism in the choice of the date - April 15, we will see that it is framed by two important events related to the history of Bulgarian..

15.04.21 06:35 |

Anti-system vote from abroad may become durable tendency

Democratic Bulgaria and ITN (There Is Such a People), the party of showman and TV personality Slavi Trifonov are the two parties with the best result from the voting by Bulgarians abroad. According to the final results Slavi Trifonov gets..

07.04.21 14:08 |
People waiting in line to vote in front of Bulgarian embassy in London

Slavi Trifonov's There Is Such a People party wins the vote of Bulgarians abroad

The political party of Bulgarian TV personality and host Slavi Trifonov, “There Is Such a People” (Ima takav narod ITN) has convincingly won the majority of votes of Bulgarian citizens who voted abroad.  According to the data on the website of..

05.04.21 16:04 |
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