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PP-DB announce project for constitutional changes

"We Continue the Change - Democratic Bulgaria" (PP-DB) together with the initiative "Justice for everyone" have presented their project for constitutional changes. The main highlights in it are the introduction of a standard for the constitution of..

23.07.23 12:46 |
Kiril Petkov, ex-prime minister from

PP-DB set seven conditions for GERB to keep the government

"We Continue the Change - Democratic Bulgaria" (PP-DB) has invited GERB to talks, insisting that tomorrow the leader of the party, Boyko Borissov, together with the leaders of the coalition, sign the Mechanism for guaranteeing the reform program of the..

23.06.23 16:34 |
Mariya Garbiel, ex-Bulgarian EU Commissioner

GERB and PP-DB will propose separate candidates for Bulgarian European Commissioner

GERB will have its candidacy for European Commissioner, said Deputy Prime Minister and Foreign Minister Mariya Gabriel after a visit to Brussels . She explained that GERB should discuss the issue by the end of the week.  "It is not important whether..

21.06.23 09:11 |

"Democratic Bulgaria" has not decided to abolish the post of "Attorney General" 

"Democratic Bulgaria", which is part of the ruling coalition, no longer supports the idea of abolishing the post of "chief prosecutor" , although the issue was discussed with the parliamentary group of MRF, said its co-chairman Hristo Ivanov on the..

14.06.23 16:11 |

Bulgaria's National Assembly to elect a new government

The Speaker of the National Assembly, Rosen Zhelyazkov, is convening an extraordinary parliamentary meeting today with three points - electing of Prime Minister, adopting of the structure of the Council of Ministers and electing the Council of Ministers..

06.06.23 06:35 |
Atanas Atanasov

Co-chairman of PP demands why there is no investigation into recording of PP meeting

Atanas Atanasov, the co-chairman of "We Continue the Change - Democratic Bulgaria" (PP-DB), raised the question of why there is no investigation into who and for what purpose recorded the meeting of the political body of a force that received a mandate..

04.06.23 15:05 |
Георги Първанов

Former President Georgi Parvanov: Probably external pressure has brought together the recently irreconcilable PP-DB and GERB-SDS

The President of Bulgaria has the right to express his political position and there is a Constitutional Court decision to that effect. This is the comment of the President of Bulgaria (2002-2012) Georgi Parvanov on President Rumen Radev's speech at the..

03.06.23 15:06 |

The leader of "Democrats for a Strong Bulgaria" slightly injured in car crash

The co-chairman of "Democratic Bulgaria" general Atanas Atanasov was slightly injured in a road accident near Ruse . The deputy was traveling in an official car of the parliament, and after the accident he was taken to the hospital in Byala for..

22.05.23 14:02 |
Democratic Bulgaria co-chair Hristo Ivanov

Hristo Ivanov endorses a new formula for a regular government – an amalgamation for a constitutional reform

Democratic Bulgaria co-chair Hristo Ivanov has endorsed a new formula for the formation of a government – an amalgamation for putting through a constitutional reform. GERB party leader Boyko Borissov also stated he was not ruling out a..

19.05.23 11:49 |
The Immortal Regiment procession in Sofia

Democratic Bulgaria demands that Immortal Regiment procession be banned in Sofia

Democratic Bulgaria has demanded that Sofia city mayor Yordanka Fandakova ban the holding of the so-called Immortal Regiment procession in Sofia on 9 May. They cite as one of their motives Russia’s decision from last year when it declared..

07.05.23 17:50 |
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