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Denitsa Sacheva

Denitsa Sacheva: The caretaker cabinet must decide on the emergency measures

Galab Donev is a well-known expert in our circles and I believe that he will cope with the position of Minister of Labor and Social Policy . I hope that he will not succumb to the pressure of the street and to revanchist sentiments,..

12.05.21 09:59 |

Bulgaria's Social Minister: Everyone will be able to receive a vaccine

There will be vaccines against Covid-19 for everyone. 500,000 doses will arrive in March alone, Bulgaria's Social Affairs Minister Denitsa Sacheva announced on bTV. Equal quantities of the three vaccines approved in the European Union have been..

27.02.21 11:33 |
Denitsa Sacheva

Authorities to decide on stage-by-stage easing of restrictions this week

The authorities are discussing a stage-by-stage lifting of the anti-epidemic measures in the country. “We are receiving different proposals regarding the reopening of sites,” said Social Minister Denitsa Sacheva for Nova TV. “There are..

18.01.21 10:47 |

Social Minister issues order announcing who is entitled to 12 euro per day compensations over Covid-19

Minister of Labour and Social Policy Denitsa Sacheva issued an order listing the employees from which economic activities, temporarily restricted due to Covid-19, will be entitled to compensations of 12 euro per day from the state if they are on..

23.12.20 15:31 |

Employees in sectors affected by lockdown to receive support of 12 euros per day

Bulgaria's Minister of Labour and Social Policy Denitsa Sacheva has announced with an order the economic activities in which workers can receive compensation of BGN 24 /EUR 12/ for an 8-hour working day due to the additional restrictions introduced..

28.11.20 11:41 |
Denitsa Sacheva

Government considers new Covid-related compensation measures

“The government is considering new measures of compensation,” said Minister of Labour and Social Policy Denitsa Sacheva. “If new sectors need to be closed, sports or other kinds of events, new measures of compensation will have to be found, because..

04.11.20 19:34 |
Denitsa Sacheva

Denitsa Sacheva: The social measures in budget 2021 are not because it is a pre-election year

“A considerable part of the measures in the budget for 2021 – the increase in the minimum salary and minimum pension, are part of the government programme and cannot be linked to the pre-election year,” said Minister of Labor and Social Policy..

25.10.20 14:48 |

Employment support measure 60/40 may remain in effect until June 2021

The measure 60/40 will continue to operate after January 1, as we will be seeking a balance to help businesses maintain employment, but also not to make it too dependent on state aid, said Social Affairs Minister Denitsa Sacheva. The draft social..

23.10.20 17:18 |
Denitsa Sacheva

Pensions to go up by an average of 18.6% in 2021: Social Minister

“The Ministry of Labour and Social Policy will continue to look for ways to increase the incomes of senior citizens,” Minister Denitsa Sacheva said in parliament. “The average monthly pension in Bulgaria in 2021 is expected to reach 250 euro,..

23.10.20 15:35 |

Government proposes increase in minimum wage by 6.5 %

At a meeting with members and supporters of the ruling GERB party from the Dobrich region, Bulgaria's Social Affairs Minister Denitsa Sacheva said the government would propose a minimum wage of 332 euros (650 leva) as of next year .  From the..

25.09.20 14:51 |
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