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Natural gas prices expected to fall sharply in November

The price of natural gas could fall 45% in November, Denitsa Zlateva, CEO of Bulgargaz, told the energy watchdog. The proposed price for November is EUR 65 per megawatt hour, compared to EUR 117 for October. The decrease is due to the lower prices..

28.10.22 11:37 |

Price of natural gas expected to go down by 32% next month

Next month, the price of natural gas could go down by almost 32%. During the public discussion of the prices by this country's energy watchdog, Bulgargaz CEO Denitsa Zlateva pointed out that the Greece-Bulgaria gas interconnector is expected to..

28.09.22 11:34 |
Denitsa Zlateva

Bulgargaz seeks a 17% rise in the price of natural gas in September

According to the snapshot calculations by Bulgargaz, the price of natural gas must go up by 17% in September, Bulgargaz’s new executive director Denitsa Zlateva stated. She pointed to the price-formation mix: “We have the negotiated amounts of..

30.08.22 13:09 |
Denitsa Zlateva

Denitsa Zlateva has been appointed as Executive Director of Bulgargaz

Denitsa Zlateva has been appointed as the new Executive Director of the state-owned company Bulgargaz. Denitsa Zlateva has replaced Lyudmil Yotsov, who was appointed by Kiril Petkov’s government.  Zlateva has been an administrative director at..

22.08.22 18:53 |
Denitsa Zlateva

Denitsa Zlateva is the new CEO of Bulgargaz

Denitsa Zlateva, former Deputy Prime Minister in the interim government of Ognyan Gerdzhikov and member of the Bulgarian Socialist Party , with no experience in the energy sector, has been appointed CEO of the state-owned gas operator Bulgargaz...

17.08.22 14:47 |
Deniza Zlateva

Deputy Prime Minister Deniza Slateva: Government is making progress in preparation for country’s 2018 EU presidency

Deputy Prime Minister Deniza Slateva who is in charge of the preparation of Bulgaria’s EU presidency in 2018 stated that some key steps have been taken in the sphere she is entrusted with. The government has adopted an updated plan of..

01.03.17 12:41 |

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