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Bulgarian agriculture has a chance to be included in the Recovery Plan: Agriculture Minister

Bulgarian agriculture has an opportunity to be included in the Recovery and Sustainability Plan , Bulgarian Agriculture Minister Desislava Taneva said during a videoconference public discussion on the second pillar of the National Plan for Reconstruction..

04.12.20 17:27 |

Bulgarian rose producers to receive state aid over Covid-19 crisis

One of the most affected sectors in agriculture so far is the production and processing of rose blossoms and it must be supported. This was said by the Minister of Agriculture Desislava Taneva at a meeting of rose growers in the town of Klisura, Southern..

12.06.20 18:50 |
Vasil Grudev (L) and Desislava Taneva

Subsidies of 25% of farmers suspended because of attempted fraud

Almost a quarter of all farmers who submitted applications last year for subsidies under the conditional support scheme did not receive the money because of attempted fraud. This was announced by Vasil Grudev, Executive Director of the State Fund..

08.06.20 18:22 |
Ministry of Agriculture

Control of European subsidies in agriculture has reached 50%: Minister Desislava Taneva

The Ministry of Agriculture has regularly informed the European Commission of the results of the checks carried out of European schemes in Bulgaria financed by national and European funding. At a briefing Minister of Agriculture and Food..

08.06.20 17:03 |
Minister of Agriculture Desislava Taneva

Bulgaria expects strong grain harvest

Bulgaria will definitely keep its status of large exporter of grain, this country’s Minister of Agriculture and Food Desislava Taneva said. According to the pessimistic forecast, Bulgaria will harvest 4.5 million tons of grain. We are expecting..

29.05.20 13:19 |
Bulgaria’s Minister of Agriculture and Food Desislava Taneva

Bulgaria develops measures to avoid impact of Covid-19 pandemic on dairy sector

In an interview for Nova TV Bulgaria’s Minister of Agriculture and Food Desislava Taneva called on the consumers to choose Bulgarian products in support of the local producers. The crisis in the dairy sector in the EU continues for a second..

02.05.20 12:11 |

Bulgaria's Agriculture Minister denounces allegations of retail chains over Bulgarian products

Farmers are highly vulnerable on the market. Without supporting them, they cannot survive the current crisis. I will endure all the accusations, but what matters most for me is that farmers will survive in the end and that I do not see how they are..

14.04.20 18:53 |
Desislava Taneva

Chain stores are not responding to call for more Bulgarian products: Agriculture Minister Taneva

Minister of Agriculture and Food Desislava Taneva said that chain stores in the country are not responding to the proposal of the agriculture ministry for more products made in Bulgaria on the domestic market. The Ministry of Agriculture..

08.04.20 10:33 |

Agriculture Minister Taneva: There is no risk of coronavirus transmission through food

Bulgaria's Minister of Agriculture, Food and Forestry, Desislava Taneva, has stated firmly that there is no risk of transmitting coronavirus through food. The Bulgarian authorities are following all the scientific opinions coming from different..

01.04.20 09:58 |

Bulgaria to be audited by EC over African swine fever

At the end of September Bulgaria is to undergo a European Commission audit of the measures the country is applying to tackle the swine fever epidemic, on which the financial support for the measures taken depends, said Minister of Agriculture..

07.08.19 17:17 |
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