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Brown Bear

Photohunting brown bears in Bulgaria

Bulgaria is among the European countries with very large population of brown bears( Ursus arctos ). Hunting of the protected species is prohibited, which is the reason why its numbers have increased in recent years , turning the brown..

20.04.22 09:40 |

State of emergency declared in Smolyan district over torrential rains

A state of emergency was declared in the municipalities of Rudozem, Nedelino and Borino in Smolyan district. Rivers overflowed their banks and flooded some road sections after torrential rain lashed the region. A partial state of emergency was..

12.12.21 10:22 |

Top 3 most wanted destinations by students today: Bansko, Velingrad and Pamporovo

Today is December 8 th – the official holiday of the Bulgarian students. It is always related to unforgettable memories which remain for good. The places to ‘burst out in celebrations’ vary through the years, but today we pay attention to..

08.12.17 13:11 |

The ecotrail in Devinska River gorge – pristine nature and hot mineral water

A wonderfully scenic trail – Strouilitsa-Lukata – meanders in the heart of a mountain shrouded in legend, the Rhodopes, just two kilometers from the town of Devin. The trail twists and turns in the gorge of Devinska River, bizarre rock..

11.06.17 08:15 |

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