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Borislav Mihaylov

Borislav Mihaylov has been denied registration to become President of BFU

Borislav Mihaylov has been denied  registration to become P resident of the Bulgarian Football Union (BFU) again , reported SPORTAL website. The legendary Bulgarian goalkeeper resigned as President of the BFU in the autumn of 2019...

05.05.21 18:02 |

Bulgarian Football Union President Borislav Mihaylov withdraws his resignation

Former Bulgarian Football Union President Borislav Mihaylov withdrew his resignation a day after Bulgaria’s most successful national goal scorer of all time Dimitar Berbatov announced his plans to run for the post. Mihaylov announced his intention to..

28.04.21 17:36 |

Dimitar Berbatov running for president of Bulgarian Football Union

Dimitar Berbatov is going to run for president of the Bulgarian Football Union at the upcoming congress. He announced this himself at a press conference held today. "I had the privilege of working with the best coach, Sir Alex..

27.04.21 18:38 |

Dimitar Berbatov named one of Manchester United’s Team of the Decade

Bulgarian football star Dimitar Berbatov has joined the team of the decade of Manchester United. The ranking is made by the popular English website talksport.com. There were so many moments of individual brilliance, none more so than an incredible..

03.12.19 10:18 |

United Stars team draws 3:3 with All Stars in charity match in Sofia

The United Stars team headed by Bulgarian football player Dimitar Berbatov drew 3:3 with the All Stars team headed by Portuguese footbal star Luis Figo in a charity match played in Vasil Levski National Stadium in Sofia in the presence of nearly 35,000..

15.06.17 09:29 |

President Radev awards Luis Figo and Dimitar Berbatov the Honorary Sign of the President

Before tonight’s All Starts vs. United Stars match in which football legends selected by Luis Figo will be playing versus stars selected by Dimitar Berbatov in Sofia, President Rumen Radev awarded the two organizers the Honorary Sign of the President...

14.06.17 14:00 |
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