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Bulgaria is shrinking because of low incomes and ineffective legislation

The population of Bulgaria has declined by around one and a half million in the past 10 years, indicate National Statistical Institute data from the latest census of the population conducted at the end of 2021. If current death rate, birth rate..

14.06.22 10:24 |

A radio voice that matters: Lidia Mihova

“I have dedicated 40 years of my life to radio. I used to stop at the entrance of the Bulgarian National Radio (BNR) and look around to check if the passers-by would notice what an important institution I was entering,” says Lidia Mihova, a favorite..

25.01.22 09:25 |

80% Bulgarians do not know what the country’s position on the Green Deal is: survey

80% of people in Bulgaria do not know what Bulgaria’s position on the Green Deal is, and 83% - what the EU’s aims are in gradually making the economy independent of coal as a source of energy, a survey by Trend research centre shows.   68% of the..

16.10.21 16:53 |

The election campaign in Bulgaria is coming to an end – what are the expectations?

We are witnessing the end of a less active political campaign for parliamentary elections. The reasons for this may be seen both in the early nature of the vote in the holiday season and also in the considerable funds spent by the..

09.07.21 08:20 |

Political 2020: Protests and loss of confidence in political parties

Amidst the pandemic and its impact at all levels in this country, 2020 will be remembered for the widespread popular protests against the government. Having been triggered by, among other events, a specialized operation by the prosecutor’s..

23.12.20 15:03 |

Family, peace and security are what matter most to Bulgarians: survey

Family, peace and security are the values Bulgarians consider to be most important, indicates a nationally representative survey conducted by Trend research centre, commissioned by the Right-Wing Policy Institute. Over 90 percent of the..

30.10.17 15:14 |

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