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Students from 13 Bulgarian districts switch over to in-person learning

A third grader in Dobrich tested positive for Covid-19 during today’s testing at school. The child will undergo a laboratory test for Covid-19 as well. The student was not in contact with other children and the health protocol was observed. Primary..

10.11.21 11:28 |
Stoycho Katsarov

Health Minister Stoycho Katsarov: I will not tolerate for restaurants and bars to remain open while schools are closed

“Distance learning for schools will only be introduced if the country enters the dark-red coronavirus zone . This means more than 500 coronavirus cases per 100,000 people over a 14-day period,” said Minister of Health Stoycho Katsarov in an interview..

25.09.21 11:35 |

Distance learning to be introduced only as a last resort measure

Bulgaria’s Ministry of Education and Science has developed different scenarios for attending schools and kindergartens as part of the expected fourth wave of Covid-19. Distance learning will be introduced only as a last resort measure, if coronavirus..

18.08.21 16:42 |

Distance learning for schoolchildren and university students as of today

The measure is in effect until 21 December and is one of the measures aimed at containing the spread of coronavirus in the country. Nurseries and crèches will also be closed until that date. 22 and 23 December will also be non-school days which means..

30.11.20 09:33 |

Distance learning for schools could be extended until 13 April

Distance learning for schoolchildren could be extended until 13 April, the Ministry of Education and Science has informed schools. However it is specified that as yet, the Minister of Education has not issued an order to that..

24.03.20 14:08 |
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