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Managing the pandemic while in political limbo

At the end of parliament’s first workday – 15 April – the government press service announced that the Council of Ministers was dissolving the National Operational Headquarters for combatting the pandemic. The decision was made public..

20.04.21 11:54 |

Healthcare authorities propose new measures to contain Covid-19

Currently, the Bulgarian hospitals bear the full burden of the crisis, this country’s Chief State Health Inspector Dr. Angel Kunchev said at a briefing at the Ministry of Health building. Only three Bulgarian districts have..

05.11.20 13:23 |

Covid-19 death rate in Bulgaria is falling: National Operational Headquarters briefing

Bulgaria is 25 th in the EU in incidence of coronavirus, and 8 th in coronavirus death rate, Chief State Health Inspector Dr. Angel Kunchev announced at a briefing of the National Operational Headquarters. In his words, 23..

01.10.20 14:27 |
Dr. Angel Kunchev

Bulgaria’s Chief Health Inspector: Let us work or replace us

The drastic increase in the number of newly-registered cases of coronavirus is due to the fact that people started thinking that the problem was already solved or view the problem as insignificant. On the other hand, the problem has been politicized..

12.07.20 11:07 |
Dr. Angel Kunchev

Covid-19 is now spreading in Bulgaria in clusters as well as diffusely: Chief Health Inspector

“Whereas in recent weeks Covid-19 spread in clusters in Bulgaria, now coronavirus is spreading in a mixed kind of way - in clusters, as well as diffusely, i.e. there are individual new cases appearing in places,” said Chief Health Inspector Dr...

24.06.20 14:15 |

Early start for Hong Kong flu virus in Bulgaria

The Hong Kong flu virus is making an unexpectedly early start in the EU as well as in Bulgaria, Chief Health Inspector Dr. Angel Kunchev said. He added that it was a normal flu epidemic for the season, inasmuch as any epidemic caused by this virus..

27.12.16 13:49 |
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