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Taste Bulgaria to know and love it

Rural tourism in this country has been gathering pace during the pandemic, and it goes hand in hand with gastro tours in combination with slow travel. Every part of the country has its own typical food and recipes which are passed down from..

11.10.21 13:03 |

Camels in southeastern Bulgaria – how camel breeding turned into a lucrative business

Camels came to Kavakli (Topolovgrad of today) from Western and Eastern Thrace, together with their keepers, Bulgarians from those parts, banished from their villages after the 1919 Treaty of Neuilly. That was how, in the period from 1923 to 1925..

10.07.21 14:10 |

Emblematic Bulgarian archaeological sites presented in online promotional campaign

After the success of the campaign of the Ministry of Tourism jointly with the Association of Bulgarian Tour Guides to popularize lesser known corners of Bulgaria, the time has come for the country’s cultural and historical heritage. A new idea..

12.03.21 19:10 |

Alevis in Ludogorie region - known and unknown

They rarely allow external influences, live with their traditions and diligently preserve their identity. Alevis are shrouded in mystery and sometimes it is difficult for others to understand them. They are scattered in different..

30.08.20 06:05 |
Mosque in Kardzhali

Muslims in Bulgaria's Eastern Rhodopes celebrate Ramadan Bayram

Thousands of Muslims in the Eastern Rhodopes welcome their holiday Ramadan Bayram on May 23, 24 and 25 with increased security measures and social distancing. For the first time, because of Covid-19 epidemic, Bulgarian settlers from the Turkish ethnic..

23.05.20 11:38 |
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