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Machine voting – the biggest novelty at today’s election

For the first time machine voting is mandatory in Bulgaria in polling places with more than 300 voters. In 9,402 polling stations in the country and 273 abroad voting will be entirely by machine. In the polling places where more..

11.07.21 07:20 |

One more election campaign kicks off in Bulgaria

As of today the election campaign is officially on in Bulgaria, after none of the parties from the previous, 45 th National Assembly, the elections for which took place on 4 April this year, were able to form a cabinet. The new elections are..

11.06.21 12:25 |

The 45th National Assembly and how it is receding into history

The shortest-lived National Assembly in the country’s modern history. That is the briefest description that can be given to the last Bulgarian parliament and its work. During its lifetime, lasting less than one month, the 240 members of..

11.05.21 09:10 |

Bulgaria heads towards caretaker government and new elections

After three failed attempts the 45 th National Assembly has not been able to form a regular government, and it is now up to President Rumen Radev to appoint a caretaker cabinet that will undertake to prepare the holding of early elections for..

05.05.21 15:34 |

Is a parliamentary consensus possible for the formation of a new government?

The 45 th National Assembly officially started its work . There are two brand new parties in parliament, and 117 brand new faces out of the total of 240 MPs. Still, one of the first parliamentary votes garnered an impressive majority. With..

16.04.21 14:46 |
Toma Bikov

GERB party rejects amendments to Election Code demanded by President Rumen Radev

“GERB will not submit any one of the changes to the Election Code , proposed by the President,” stated GERB party MP Toma Bikov, formulating the position of the ruling party . “The proposal is for parliament, in the little time it has left, to..

14.01.21 18:40 |

President Rumen Radev sets date for parliamentary elections: 4 April

In a special address to the nation, President Rumen Radev announced he was setting the date for parliamentary elections in the country on 4 April, 2021.This is one week after the earliest possible date after the expiry of the term of office of the..

14.01.21 18:11 |

National Assembly overturns President Radev’s veto on Election Code

Bulgaria ’s National Assembly overturned President Radev’s veto on provisions in the bill of amendments to the Election Code. 124 MP voted in favor and 98 MPs from the Bulgarian Socialist Party and the Movement for Rights and Freedoms voted against...

08.10.20 13:12 |
Bulgaria’s President Rumen Radev

President Radev vetoes amendments to Election Code

Bulgaria’s President Rumen Radev has vetoed some amendments to the Election Code. In his view, the amendments aim to guarantee election victory of the current government at the forthcoming elections and call into question the fairness of the..

28.09.20 17:43 |

VMRO: Number of parties in paper ballots should be removed

The number of the parties in the paper ballots should be removed, the latest proposal of VMRO submitted between first and second reading of the amendments to this country’s Election Code read, BNR reporters inform. According to this proposal, only..

11.09.20 12:02 |
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