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Electoral sentiments at the beginning of the campaign for the April 2 snap general elections

The campaign for the April 2 snap general elections in Bulgaria kicked off on March 3. The next vote will be the fifth in two years. The failed attempts to form a regular cabinet, as well as the controversy over the amendments to the Electoral..

06.03.23 14:36 |

President Radev: There is no presidential autocracy, there is inability of political parties to form a government

The 48th National Assembly should engage in adopting important legislation under the Recovery and Resilience Plan, said Bulgaria’s President Rumen Radev at a briefing in Brussels. President Radev is participating in the European Union and the..

14.12.22 17:00 |

MPs vote to keep the multimember constituency for expatriate voters

Bulgaria’s lawmakers voted at a second reading to keep the multimember constituency for expatriate voters. The MPs also rejected the proposal to raise from 40 to 100 the number of voter applications required for the opening of a polling station..

01.12.22 18:34 |
GERB MP Radomir Cholakov

GERB MP: We should reinstate the paper ballot in order to restore confidence

"On the very night of the elections, We Continue the Change said unequivocally that we would head for another snap vote, because they were not pleased with the election result", Radomir Cholakov, MP from GERB-SDS and Chairman of the National Assembly..

27.11.22 14:07 |

National Assembly ratifies agreement on the acquisition of another 8 F-16 fighter aircraft

Bulgaria’s National Assembly ratified the agreement on the acquisition of another 8 new F-16 Block 70 fighter jets. 152 MPs voted in favor, 42 MPs voted against and 7 MPs abstained.  The Parliamentary groups of the Bulgarian Socialist Party and..

25.11.22 12:32 |

After hours of debate, the parliament adopted the title of the bill for amentments to the Electoral Code

The debate on the amendments to the Electoral Code continued in the parliament for four hours. As a result, the MPs were able to vote only on the title of the document - "Bill to amend and supplement the Electoral Code", or such as was tabled by the..

24.11.22 17:30 |
Anton Kutev, spokesperson of the caretaker cabinet

Now is not the time for constitutional changes, Bulgarian government spokesman says

We can guarantee fair elections with machines, with paper ballots and with a fingerprint if we have to, but this saga now is unnecessary , the caretaker government spokesman Anton Kutev told BNR. He considers "irresponsible the disputes in the parliament"..

20.11.22 13:05 |

Protest takes place in front of Parliament against paper ballots in elections

Dissatisfied citizens again protest in front of the Bulgarian parliament against the changes in the Electoral Code and the return of the paper ballot. They blocked traffic in front of the National Assembly, where the police presence has been..

18.11.22 19:15 |

NGOs call for presidential veto on amendments to the Electoral Code

In a declaration proposed by the "Justice for Everyone" Initiative, NGO representatives insist that President Rumen Radev impose a reasoned veto on amendments to the Electoral Code in defense of the constitutionally guaranteed right of Bulgarians to..

18.11.22 18:45 |
Krum Zarkov

The Minister of Justice: Changes in the Electoral Code are wrong and harmful

"The changes to the Electoral Code voted on second reading by the National Assembly's legal committee are probably not unconstitutional, but they are wrong and harmful," the interim Justice Minister Krum Zarkov said at a briefing. The Minister..

18.11.22 13:48 |
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