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Construction of longest railway tunnel in the country given official start

Caretaker Minister of Transport Georgi Todorov gave the official start to the modernization of the Elin Pelin-Vakarel railway line which includes the construction of the longest railway tunnel in the country. The entire section is 20 kms. long, the..

15.07.21 14:07 |

Fans of folklore and traditions gather in Elin Pelin

"Remember the past, build the future, keep traditions alive!" is the motto of this year's folklore festival in the Shoppe region, which is held in the period June 21 to 27th in Elin Pelin. The municipality has prepared thematic events for..

21.06.21 06:05 |

Diana Dimitrova transforms the environment with embroideries from plastic caps

Diana Dimitrova is making embroideries from plastic caps, transmitting the coded messages to the Bulgarian women with the help of modern material. Her panels adorn the fence of the eco-park in her hometown of Elin Pelin, and with the help of her..

10.05.21 12:22 |

President Radev to take part at ceremony marking 140th birth anniversary of celebrated Bulgarian writer Elin Pelin

We mark the 140 th birth anniversary of renowned Bulgarian writer Elin Pelin (born on July 20, 1877). Bulgaria’s President Rumen Radev is to attend the official ceremony,  hold a speech before the guests and lay flowers to the monument of the..

15.07.17 09:20 |

“Rise and tradition” Shoppe festival in Elin Pelin

The people living in the Shoppe region have a reputation for being fun-loving and cheerful. They have a philosophy all their own, their own way of doing things, their own culture as well as an inimitable sense of humour and a self-irony they have..

09.06.17 17:15 |
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