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Flooding in Etropole

Etropole flooded, partial state of alert in place

A partial state of alert has been declared in Etropole after heavy rain during the night. The three local rivers burst their banks, Etropole deputy mayor Stanka Dimitrova said for the BNR. A major bridge to the pump station which provides the..

15.06.23 08:51 |

Etropole hosts open wrestling games

Etropole, a small town in the Balkan range, is hosting open wrestling games today. The event, in which several wrestlers from the Bulgarian national team are taking part, opens at 10 AM at the local stadium Chavdar.  The bouts will be in 5 age..

27.05.23 08:05 |

First avian flu outbreak in the country for the year

An outbreak of avian flu has been established at a quail egg farm near Etropole in Sofia region. The farm has a closed hatching and raising cycle. Around 25,000 infected and contact birds are to be culled and the eggs destroyed. A 3-km. protection..

25.01.23 10:36 |

Etropole Monastery – a century of preserving culture and literature

In its centuries-old history, the Etropole Monastery "Holy Trinity", also called "Varovitets", has been preserving valuable pages decorated by skilled artists. Here hundreds of years ago, one of the most productive literary schools in Bulgarian..

29.10.17 10:10 |
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