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In comparison to EU, Bulgaria has decent economy but poor quality of life

In the "Catch-Up Index 2019", Bulgaria occupies 29th place with 36 points. The country performs best in the categories "Economy" - 28th place with 40 points and in "Governance" - also 28th place with 38 points. The worst performance is in the..

04.08.20 10:33 |

No change of background radiation levels in Bulgaria

There has been no change in the radiation situation in Bulgaria, Deputy Chairman of the Nuclear Regulatory Agency Borislav Stanimirov has told BNR. We have information that a slight increase in background radiation has detected in Sweden. We received..

28.06.20 14:30 |

Bulgaria is still coping well with pandemic

Covid-19 continues to exist and it is deadly. Nobody knows what would happen in the autumn. In addition to Covid-19, there will be seasonal flu, too, Dr Skender Syla, WHO Representative for Bulgaria has told NovaTV. When we have small outbreaks..

28.06.20 13:20 |

Foreign Minister Zaharieva: Bulgarians should not travel outside Europe yet

Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs Ekaterina Zaharieva has called on Bulgarians to abstain from traveling outside Europe because of the coronavirus situation. "There is no joint European decision for traveling around the world...

08.06.20 10:19 |

Bulgaria has provided shelter to 950 migrants

In 2019 Bulgaria has approved 885 applications for international protection, Eurostat data show. Sofia responded favorably to one out of three applications received. Most often, protection is given to Syrian citizens, who account for 70% of cases,..

27.04.20 16:44 |

Rising water level stops migrants crossing Maritza River

Greek authorities have asked Bulgaria for a controlled discharge of water from the Ivaylovgrad Dam in order to prevent illegal migrants crossing the Maritza River. Greek TV stations Star and Antenna have reported of controlled rising of river..

10.03.20 17:19 |

Video conferencing between leadership of 7 countries discusses coronavirus

The Prime Ministers of Bulgaria, Israel, Hungary, Romania, Italy, the Austrian Chancellor and the President of Cyprus have held a video conference on the subject of coronavirus. Bulgarian Prime Minister Boyko Borissov said that the key word now was..

09.03.20 14:53 |

Full-scale measures taken in Bulgaria to prevent coronavirus outbreak

At 09:00 today at Sofia Airport a demonstration of the ability to respond in case of detection of persons suspected of infection with COVID-19 coronavirus started. An extraordinary meeting of the Security Council at the government was planned..

25.02.20 12:18 |

Three Bulgarians are being monitored for possible coronavirus symptoms

Bulgarian health authorities are monitoring the condition of two Bulgarian women who have recently returned from China and Thailand. as prevention they are housed in infectious wards after flu-like symptoms were detected. They have been tested for..

29.01.20 18:32 |

3 Bulgarian football clubs are among the most successful teams in Europe

Three Bulgarian football clubs are included in the top 100 chart of the best teams in the history of the European Champions Cup and the Europa League, according to UEFA statistics for the period from 1955 to 2019. The ranking is done according to..

23.12.19 18:05 |
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