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Public hearing of Bulgaria’s EU Commissioner-designate Mariya Gabriel to be held at European Parliament on Tuesday

A public hearing of Bulgaria’s EU Commissioner-designate Mariya Gabriel, who was nominated for Commissioner for Digital Economy and Society, will be held at several commissions at the European Parliament on Tuesday. Representatives of Industry,..

20.06.17 10:53 |

Number of Bulgarian MEPs in EP committees remains almost unchanged

The European Parliament has approved the members of the parliamentary committees for the remaining two and a half years of its mandate. The number of Bulgarian MEPs in those committees has remained almost unchanged. There are 3 Bulgarian MEPs in the..

19.01.17 18:09 |

Petar Kurumbashev enters European Parliament

The Central Election Commission of the Republic of Bulgaria has announced that Petar Kurumbashev from the lists of "Coalition for Bulgaria" becomes MEP. The decision is yet to be published in the "Official State Gazette". The European Parliament is also..

16.01.17 15:35 |

European Parliament increases financing for Bulgaria in 2017 budget

The members of the European Parliament adopted in Strasbourg the EU budget for 2017. The EU will allot more money next year to the agriculture field, which is among Bulgaria’s top priority fields. More money will be given as compensation for the..

26.10.16 17:27 |

Bulgarian MEPs support invocation of Article 50

Almost all Bulgarian MEPs – from GERB party, the Reformist Bloc, the Bulgarian Socialist Party and the Movement for Rights and Freedoms – supported the immediate invocation of Article 50 of the Treaty of Lisbon which is the only way Great..

06.07.16 14:07 |

Turkey threat to open borders for migrants incompatible with good neighbor relations: MEP Emil Radev

The Bulgarian member of the European Parliament and of the European Popular Party through the Bulgarian ruling party Gerb Emil Radev has said that Turkey’s threat to break the agreement with EU and to open the borders to Bulgaria and Europe for..

30.04.16 13:31 |
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