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Bulgaria receives European funding for projects in agriculture

Bulgaria is going to receive European funding for projects in agriculture, approved in the previous programming period which ended in 2020. These funds are earmarked only for the agricultural sector and help farmers in 2021 and 2020 until..

25.01.22 17:20 |

The Northwest remains the poorest region of Europe regardless of the European grants

Northwestern Bulgaria remains the poorest region of Europe even though half a billion Leva has been allocated under the Innovation and Competitiveness programme, indicates an analysis by the Ministry of Economy of the effectiveness of..

02.11.21 14:25 |

Efficient national plan – the new condition for receiving European funding

The latest events in Bulgaria echo strongly in Europe. It is very worrying that there is so much talk about corruption and misuse of European funding. This casts a shadow over Bulgaria’s position in the EU and is likely to affect the way funds..

22.07.20 13:43 |
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