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Five organ transplant patients given second chance to live

Five people were given a chance to live after being transplanted. The donor is a 15-year old boy from Plovdiv who has been declared brain-dead. Two successful kidney transplants were performed at Aleksandrovska Hospital in Sofia, the recipients are men..

29.07.21 14:43 |

Transplant scandal undermines trust in organ donation in this country

The former government hospital – Lozenets – is implicated in a criminal scheme for organ transplants of foreign citizens, and there are serious infringements of the transplant surgery procedure in this country, with people jumping the queue..

07.06.21 15:08 |

Successful organ transplantations and heart donation through Eurotransplant

Two liver transplants were performed at Lozenets Hospital and one kidney transplant operation at Aleksandrovska Hospital on February 26, it was reported. Two children, aged 1 and 7 had liver transplants and a kidney transplant..

08.03.21 14:29 |
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