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A political impasse marks the outgoing 2022 in Bulgaria

The event that marked the year 2022 in terms of foreign policy is the war on the territory of Ukraine. The military operation launched by Russia on February 24 caused an unprecedented act of solidarity towards the Ukrainian people by almost all EU..

30.12.22 16:12 |

Evgenii Dainov: The time is coming for vivid political figures

Today, Thursday, 22 December, is the last day on which the political forces represented in parliament can send their priorities, around which a principled agreement can be sought for forming a government, if they decide to comply with the invitation..

22.12.22 11:48 |

Prof. Evgenii Dainov: Rock music and politics have always gone together

Every year more and more festivals are added to the array of cultural events in the country, bringing popularity to well or entirely unknown locations, but also contributing to the economy of the regions, some with a long-lasting effect. “The..

25.08.22 14:05 |

A minority cabinet or early elections – what lies ahead for Bulgaria?

Subtitle: The ruling coalition destabilization is due to various factors, as early elections seem to be the likely way out of the crisis The crisis in the Bulgarian government, which erupted after the coming out of power of one of the..

13.06.22 13:59 |

Initiative for donations to Ukraine sparks discussions in Bulgarian society

"Sending military aid to Ukraine requires political unity, but also unity in society," Bulgarian Prime Minister Kiril Petkov said when announcing a public campaign to raise funds to help Ukraine purchase ammunition. The call caused a wave of..

27.04.22 15:43 |

Is an “everyone-against-GERB” coalition in parliament possible?

Today President Rumen Radev handed a mandate for the formation of a government to the first political force in parliament – the GERB-SDS coalition. Yesterday’s consultations with the Bulgarian head of state made it clear however that..

20.04.21 14:11 |

Fear for survival will seriously affect voting at upcoming parliamentary elections: Haralan Alexandrov

The only cure for corporate voting is a maximum mobilization of voters: Evgenii Dainov The election campaign for the parliamentary elections scheduled for 4 April has not started in Bulgaria yet, but experts and political observers..

16.02.21 12:07 |

Protesters and politicians – points of (non)intersection

The motion of no-confidence against the cabinet submitted by the Bulgarian Socialist Party was recently rejected by this country’s National Assembly. However, protesters remain in the streets and continue to demand the resignation of Bulgaria’s..

23.07.20 11:49 |

What does the voice of protests say and will it be heard?

Protests, clashes, civil discontent, extraordinary briefings, calls for resignations, political accusations and explanations – all these have been part of Bulgaria’s agenda for several days. The protests even managed to displace information about..

13.07.20 12:19 |
Political analyst Evgenii Dainov

Political analyst Evgenii Dainov: It is high time we thought about the economy as well

While all countries in Europe are already announcing phased strategies for exiting the lockdown caused by the Covid-19 pandemic in order to avoid the arrival of hunger, the only thing we are doing is to keep counting the numbers of those infected . Such..

10.04.20 15:33 |
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