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European Commission to help EU countries, Bulgaria included, end reliance on Russian nuclear fuel, The Financial Times writes

Brussels is to help EU countries end their dependency on Russian nuclear fuel as it seeks to cut the bloc’s ties to Russian energy by 2027 , The Financial Times writes. The European Commission said it would assist the five EU states - Czech Republic,..

20.05.22 15:16 |

Greece and Germany ready to increase gas supplies to Bulgaria and Poland

Greece and Germany are poised to send more gas to Bulgaria and Poland after the suspension of Russian imports , the Financial Times reported, citing data from German and Greek gas operators and increased volumes of reserved gas capacities at the..

29.04.22 11:35 |
Of the 193 members of the UN General Assembly, 93 voted in favour of removing Russia from the UN Human Rights Council

EU will allocate another half a billion euros to Ukraine for weapons

European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen will visit Kyiv on April 8 to show what she says is Europe's "unwavering support" for Ukraine. The EU has imposed an embargo on coal imports from Russia and banned Russian ships from accessing the..

08.04.22 09:18 |

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