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Ministry of Foreign Affairs coordinates evacuation of Bulgarians from Sudan

Bulgaria's Ministry of Foreign Affairs has taken the necessary measures and is doing everything possible, in coordination with EU partners, for the safe evacuation of Bulgarian citizens from Sudan. The crisis response centre at the Foreign Ministry and..

24.04.23 08:55 |

GDP growth expected to slow down in 2023, according to Finance Ministry forecast

Due to shrinking consumption and export, Bulgaria’s economy will slow down its growth down to 1.8% in 2023, according to the Ministry of Finance spring macroeconomic forecast. In 2022, the growth rate was 3.4%. Due to the war in Ukraine an..

05.04.23 08:42 |

Foreign Ministry issues position of support for Ukraine

On the one-year anniversary of the start of hostilities in Ukraine , the Ministry of Foreign Affairs published on Facebook a position in support of Ukraine. "We remain committed to our unwavering support for Ukraine's independence, sovereignty and..

15.02.23 16:15 |
The Bulgarian Foreign Ministry building

Foreign Ministry invites international observers to 2 April general election

The Bulgarian Foreign Ministry has invited international observers to the election for members of parliament in Bulgaria on 2 April, 2023.  Bulgaria’s permanent representation in Vienna has sent notes verbales with invitations to the OSCE’s Office..

03.02.23 19:10 |

Foreign Ministry staff continue protest and strike

Ministry of Foreign Affairs staff organized a protest in Nezavisimost square in the centre of Sofia as a token of support for the statement made by caretaker PM Galab Donev in parliament that assistance will be sought in order to attain a written..

14.12.22 10:02 |
The Foreign Ministry staff organized a protest this morning

Foreign Ministry staff organize protest for higher pay

Bulgaria’s diplomats are ready to go on strike. As of 2 December, consular services and certification are being put on hold, and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs headquarters in Sofia is suspending work. Bulgaria’s diplomatic missions and consular..

30.11.22 11:53 |
Bulgarian Foreign Ministry building

Bulgarian Foreign Ministry opposes ideas by parties in North Macedonia to ban Bulgarian associations

Bulgaria’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs reacted strongly to the ideas by political parties in the Republic of North Macedonia to ban Bulgarian associations in the country by law. “The Republic of North Macedonia is launching the latest in a..

21.10.22 15:10 |
The football fans in Skopje booed Bulgaria's national anthem

North Macedonia Foreign Ministry condemns hate speech against Bulgaria

The authorities in Skopje condemned the booing of the Bulgarian national anthem as it was played before the match between the national football teams of Bulgaria and North Macedonia . Bulgarian football team wins against North Macedonia in..

27.09.22 13:20 |
Foreign Minister Nikolay Milkov

Elections abroad, accession to Schengen and OECD, proactive EU and NATO participation are top priorities, caretaker foreign minister says

Accession to the Eurozone and the Schengen area, and organizing the elections abroad on 2 October are the top priorities of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, caretaker Foreign Minister Nikolay Milkov stated at a news conference. Other..

08.08.22 11:25 |
Bulgarian Foreign Ministry building

Foreign Ministry: North Macedonia should demonstrate, with actions, its commitment to its European future

The Bulgarian National Assembly has made a historic decision to support the unblocking of North Macedonia’s path to EU accession, within specific parameters, reads a position by the Bulgarian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, published after the..

25.06.22 11:13 |
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