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Георги Първанов

Former President Georgi Parvanov: Probably external pressure has brought together the recently irreconcilable PP-DB and GERB-SDS

The President of Bulgaria has the right to express his political position and there is a Constitutional Court decision to that effect. This is the comment of the President of Bulgaria (2002-2012) Georgi Parvanov on President Rumen Radev's speech at the..

03.06.23 15:06 |
Premier-designate of We Continue the Change-Democratic Bulgaria Nikolay Denkov

Talks between PP-DB and GERB-SDS on the formation of a government are progressing

Today’s talks between the negotiating teams of We Continue the Change -D emocratic B ulgaria and GERB-SD S on the form ation of a government with the second cabinet-forming mandate lasted over 4 hours.  "There has been progress",..

01.06.23 17:43 |
Premier-designate Nikolay Denkov

We Continue the Change-Democratic Bulgaria resumes negotiations with GERB-SDS on the formation of a cabinet

We Continue the Change-Democratic Bulgaria (PP-DB) resumed the negotiations with  GERB-SDS  on the formation of a cabinet on the second mandate. The talks are led by the nominees for Prime Minister Nikolay Denkov and Mariya Gabriel in the presence..

31.05.23 13:45 |

GERB-SDS and PP-DB agree on joint governance, but with the second mandate

GERB-SDS prime minister candidate Mariya Gabriel has returned to President Rumen Radev the first cabinet-forming mandate unfulfilled on the grounds that she would not allow people appointed through backroom deals to be part of the government.  In..

22.05.23 16:02 |
President is in Yambol for the

Rumen Radev: Seeking support is no lottery, it takes sustainable policy

President Rumen Radev will be expecting GERB-SDS leadership at the Presidency on 22 May with a fulfilled mandate, a structure and a cabinet, the Head of State  told journalists in Yambol . However, he pointed out that in order to have a working..

20.05.23 13:48 |

Draft cabinet composition unchanged, names will be revealed on Monday, PM-designate Gabriel says

Mariya Gabriel, the GERB-SDS nominee for prime minister, said that the composition of the draft cabinet remains the same, as there is no time for changes. She confirmed that the names of the ministers will be announced on Monday.  After a meeting..

19.05.23 13:36 |
Prime Minister- designate Mariya Gabriel

GERB to hold negotiations for an expert government

GERB-SDS Prime Minister Designate Mariya Gabriel said at a briefing on Sunday that she is to propose the formation of an expert cabinet with a one-year term. On May 15, Mariya Gabriel will receive the first government-forming mandate from Bulgaria’s..

14.05.23 13:49 |

Prime Minister-Designate Mariya Gabriel to meet with the parliamentary forces

Today, May 11, GERB-SDS’ Prime Minister-Designate Mariya Gabriel is to meet with representatives of the parliamentary forces, the press office of GERB announced.  The talks will focus on topics on the public agenda and the possibility of supporting..

11.05.23 05:05 |
Mustafa Karadayi

MRF leader congratulates GERB-SDS for their efforts to form a government

After the nomination of EU Commissioner Mariya Gabriel as Prime Minister , the leader of the Movement for Rights and Freedoms (MRF) Mustafa Karadayi hailed the right approach of GERB-SDS in forming a government with the first mandate.  Dialogue..

10.05.23 14:45 |

GERB-SDS ask We Continue the Change-DB to present a government lineup

We can not support a government with the first mandate, but we are ready to talk about policies and to see what we can achieve, especially with regard to the state budget, the co-chairman of "We Continue the Change" Kiril Petkov said at the..

25.04.23 12:21 |
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