Galab Donev

Galab Donev will continue as caretaker PM, President Rumen Radev says

The next caretaker prime minister is going to be Galab Done v, President Rumen Radev told reporters. President Radev added he had never considered any other option and that when political parties are incapable of forming a government, it is up to the..

21.01.23 12:59 |
PM Galab Donev (L) and President Rumen Radev at the round table on the development of the energy industry for the period 2023-2053.

Bulgaria’s caretaker government, by definition temporary, is drafting an energy strategy spanning the next 30 years. Why?

In the midst of an energy crisis, Bulgaria does not have an approved strategy for the development of the energy industry, said Prime Minister Galab Donev at the opening of a round table on the development of the energy industry for the period..

18.01.23 13:30 |
Rumen Radev

President Radev: Governments must ensure continuity in energy development strategy 

The caretaker government has to give careful consideration to how and with what arguments it will approach the renegotiation of the Recovery and Resilience Plan , President Rumen Radev said. The Head of State addressed the participants in the round table..

17.01.23 13:37 |
Galab Donev

PM: Bulgaria to seek renegotiation of the emissions reduction plan

The Recovery and Resilience Plan, as signed, commits Bulgaria to cut carbon emissions by 10% this year.  "This commitment made by the government of Kiril Petkov is not acceptable to us and we will insist that it be rescheduled," caretaker Prime..

05.01.23 20:08 |
Galab Donev

Our tenure is coming to an end, caretaker PM Galab Donev says

The second mandate for the formation of a regular government is in process, our own tenure is coming to an end, PM Galab Donev said before the start of today’s sitting of the caretaker cabinet. President Radev hands We Continue the Change..

04.01.23 11:22 |

Sixth grader opens the penultimate cabinet meeting for 2022

Caretaker Premier Galab Donev and Bozhidar Lalov, a sixth grader from the 7 th secondary school “Sveti Sedmochislenitsi” in Sofia, opened the penultimate cabinet meeting for 2022. In October, after the snap Parliamentary elections, Bozhidar invited..

21.12.22 15:59 |
Galab Donev

BSP ask the Prime Minister for information on the visit of the Minister of War to Ukraine

The Bulgarian Socialist Party (BSP) demanded that caretaker Prime Minister Galab Donev be heard in the National Assembly concerning the visit of Defence Minister Dimitar Stoyanov to Ukraine.  Bulgarian Minister of Defense is visiting Ukraine In..

20.12.22 14:38 |

Foreign Ministry staff continue protest and strike

Ministry of Foreign Affairs staff organized a protest in Nezavisimost square in the centre of Sofia as a token of support for the statement made by caretaker PM Galab Donev in parliament that assistance will be sought in order to attain a written..

14.12.22 10:02 |
Caretaker PM Galab Donev

PM Galab Donev: I hope that Bulgaria will have a regular government soon

Bulgaria's caretaker Prime Minister Galab Donev has expressed hope that the 48th National Assembly will support the draft cabinet proposed by the GERB-SDS candidate for Prime Minister Prof. Nikola Gabrovski. "For more than two months, I have been..

13.12.22 17:00 |
Caretaker PM Galab Donev

Bulgaria is sending Ukraine weapons for training in other countries, caretaker PM says

“The weapons Bulgaria is sending Ukraine are for training soldiers in other countries,” caretaker PM Galab Donev said in an interview with bTV, and added that the decision of the National Assembly to send Ukraine military and military-technical aid..

10.12.22 16:30 |

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