Gallup International Balkan: Voter turnout stands at 28.7% by 17 pm

By 17 pm, voter turnout reached 28.7%, data of “Gallup International Balkan” polling agency, which is a partner of the Bulgarian National Radio and monitors the voting during the entire day for the 48th National Assembly, show.  During the..

02.10.22 18:42 |

6+2 parties to enter next parliament: Gallup International Balkan survey

In view of the situation in Bulgaria and in the world, major fluctuations are possible at Sunday’s election for parliament , a social survey conducted a few days before the election shows. Around and under 2.6 million people are expected to..

30.09.22 12:17 |

"We continue the change" with 19,6% support, GERB - with 14,2%

"We Continue the Change" enjoys the declarative electoral support of 19.6% of adult Bulgarians, GERB is in second position with 14.2% . This is according to the regular monthly independent survey of Gallup International Balkan, conducted..

22.02.22 16:37 |

Gallup International Balkan: Rumen Radev has an approval rating of 58.5%, trust in Bulgaria's cabinet is 45%

Personal trust in President Rumen Radev in the beginning of his second term of office is 58.5%. Rumen Radev continues to be the most-liked figure in Bulgaria’s political life, a poll of Gallup International Balkan shows.  Trust in Bulgaria’s cabinet..

25.01.22 16:10 |

For 71.1% of Bulgarians settling Bulgaria’s relations with North Macedonia is what matters most: Survey

71.1% of Bulgarians believe that the most important thing is the settlement of North Macedonia’s relations with Bulgaria, and that it does not matter all that much whether North Macedonia will become a member of the EU. 7.5% are of the opposite..

09.12.21 15:11 |

Gallup parallel vote tabulation: Rumen Radev wins 66.4% of the votes

The presidential candidate Rumen Radev wins the second round of the election for President of Bulgaria with 66.4% of the votes, indicates the 100% parallel vote tabulation sample by Gallup International Balkan, BNR’s partner agency for the..

21.11.21 21:13 |

CEC reports record low voter turnout

It is now clear that the final voter turnout will not exceed or will be around 40%. If the vote goes at this pace, it would be lower. This is what the Deputy Chairman and spokesman of the Central Election Commission, Tsvetozar..

14.11.21 19:43 |

Gallup: GERB-SDS, BSP and “We continue the change” in the top three for parliament

56.4% of Bulgarians say that they will definitely vote at the presidential election, and 54.2% - that they will only vote at the election for parliament, data from a survey conducted by Gallup International Balkan sociological agency, commissioned..

21.10.21 17:43 |

Gallup International Balkan: 58.9% of Bulgarians approve of the caretaker cabinet

Public opinion of the caretaker cabinet is, at this point, positive – 58.9% approve of it, 28.8% do not. This is connected with President Rumen Radev’s traditionally high credibility – 64.3%, i ndicates an opinion poll within the frameworks of an..

25.07.21 15:17 |

Half of Bulgarians consider the past elections to be fairer than previous ones

For 49% of voters, the early parliamentary elections on July 11 were fairer than the previous ones, and about two-thirds of voters support machine voting. This is shown by a Gallup International Balkan telephone survey conducted between July 14th and..

16.07.21 17:08 |
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