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Bulgarians are still divided on vaccine passports: survey

Bulgarians are still divided on the idea of ​​so-called "vaccination passports", indicates a survey of Gallup International sociological agency and the tourism industry, conducted between March 18 and 24 among 1,000 adult Bulgarians.  Half of the..

13.04.21 16:02 |

11 AM: Much lower voter turnout compared to previous parliamentary elections

By 11 AM voter turnout at the parliamentary elections was 12.5 %, indicate data by Gallup International sociological agency from exist polls conducted in front of polling places. Gallup International is the BNR’s partner on election day and..

04.04.21 12:30 |

We vote for individuals without knowing their party programmes

The candidates of political parties registered for the forthcoming general elections in Bulgaria have 29 days to convince the Bulgarian citizens that they deserve to represent their interests in the future 45 th Bulgarian National..

08.03.21 13:54 |

Russia, China and the United States will be superpowers in the near future, say Bulgarians in poll

When asked who will be the world's superpowers in 2030, 58% of Bulgarians put Russia first, 50% - China, and 46% - the United States. This is indicated by the results of a survey conducted by the Gallup International Association on perceptions of global..

23.02.21 11:51 |

7 parties to enter Bulgaria’s new Parliament: survey

If Parliamentary elections were held in mid-January, seven political formations would enter the new Parliament, the latest survey of Gallup International shows. The ruling GERB party would earn 22.9% of the votes. The Bulgarian Socialist Party would..

21.01.21 12:45 |

Bulgarians are against tightening of anti-epidemic measures: survey

Bulgaria’s society has no desire to see anti-epidemic measures tightened further, the conclusion of the 11 th phone survey of Gallup International conducted among 800 Bulgarians reads. The number of opinions against wearing face masks has not..

05.11.20 14:38 |

BSP becomes first political force if elections were held today: Gallup

If Parliamentary elections were held today, the opposition party BSP would earn the support of 13.5% of the voters, while the ruling GERB party would be supported by 13.2% of the citizens , the latest sociological survey of Gallup International shows...

17.09.20 15:56 |

6% of Bulgarians say they have taken part in anti-government protests: Gallup International

6% of Bulgarians say they have been to anti-government protests, or around 300,000 people. 36% say they are ready to take part in a protest against the government. A large portion of the people who state they go to anti-government protests are young..

16.07.20 15:16 |

Anxiety in Bulgarian society caused by Covid-19 pandemic is rising again

Anxiety in Bulgaria's society caused by the Covid-19 pandemic is rising again after the decrease registered in April. Earlier, 51% of the polled were worried that they, or their family members, may get infected with the virus . At the end of June, 60%..

07.07.20 12:33 |

Bulgarians do not trust the main sources of information: Gallup International

There is underlying conviction amongst Bulgarian citizens that the pandemic caused by Covid-19 is not that dangerous. The more successful the measures, the more impatient the people, sociologist Parvan Simeonov from Gallup International commented for..

30.06.20 10:05 |
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