Gallup: GERB wins the parliamentary elections with almost 25%, We Continue the Change is second

The exit poll results of Gallup International Balkan, a media partner of BNR in the October 2 parliamentary elections, show that 8 political parties and coalitions will enter the new 48th parliament, as one of them is on the 4% threshold. The agency's..

02.10.22 21:15 |

Less than 30% of Bulgarian voters want early elections, poll shows

41.3% of adult Bulgarians do not want early parliamentary elections and 26.5% are on the opposite position, according to a survey by Gallup International Balkan.  As for a scenario in which the cabinet resigns, 36.7% approve and 39.8% are..

22.06.22 15:00 |

Parallel vote tabulation by Gallup International: Rumen Radev earns 50% of the votes

Rumen Radev earned 50% of the votes at the Presidential elections. This is shown by  the data from the parallel vote tabulation of 100% of the Gallup representative sample.  Anastas Gerdzhikov placed second- 24%. As of 20.00 pm on..

15.11.21 08:54 |

Gallup: Race for third place in parliament becomes intriguing

The data from the parallel vote tabulation by the Gallup sociological agency, a media partner of the Bulgarian National Radio, after 96 percent processing, show a certain shift in results as the MRF is ahead of the BSP and takes the..

14.11.21 23:06 |

Gallup: GERB leads with 0.6% in the parliamentary elections in Bulgaria

Results of the exit polls by Gallup polling agency, partner of the Bulgarian National Radio, show that the following distribution of votes in the parliamentary elections in this country on July 11, 2021  by 20:00  pm: “GERB-SDS”: 22.1 %, or 59..

11.07.21 20:13 |

Gallup: In the next parliament “the parties that are small grow big”

The protests, the resignation of the government and early elections have the support of the public even though no clear alternatives or new leaders are, as yet, to be seen. 62% of Bulgarians support the protests, and 23.7% are against them...

17.08.20 16:56 |

Bulgarians give low marks to roads in the country

Bulgarians give low marks to the quality of roads in this country – 3.15 out of 6 (the school grade system in Bulgaria being up to 6), a Gallup survey shows. The survey was conducted at the beginning of August, weeks before the tragic bus..

30.08.18 12:08 |

Gallup: 20.3% of all Bulgarians would support GERB if elections were held today

A quick and independent survey of Gallup sociological agency about the current electoral adjustments in Bulgaria shows that GERB would receive 20.3% of the votes and that 18.4% of all Bulgarians with voting rights would support the Bulgarian Socialist..

22.12.16 15:17 |

Gallup: Most Bulgarians disagree with quick changes in election rules

A quick survey of Gallup sociological agency shows that 76% of the Bulgarian nationals believe that the authorities should not hurry up amending election rules. 21% of the surveyed Bulgarians prefer quick changes in election rules, because they believe..

29.11.16 11:51 |
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