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Daniel Gahr – the new honorary consul of Bulgaria in Germany

Despite the fact honorary consuls are not part of the administrative diplomatic staff representing the interests of a country on the territory of another, their role in the field of international relations is significant. According to the..

25.11.20 14:10 |

Prime Minister Borissov has conversation with Chancellor Merkel about North Macedonia

Prime Minister Boyko Borissov has held a video conference with German Chancellor Angela Merkel, the government's press service reported. Bulgaria is grateful for the commitment of the German presidency and to you personally for the search for..

03.11.20 16:48 |

Germany puts Bulgaria in red list of risk countries

As of November 1, Bulgaria will enter the red list of countries at risk for Germany. This imposes restrictive measures on the citizens travelling from Bulgaria to Germany  the press centre of the Bulgarian Ministry of Foreign Affairs has announced...

30.10.20 18:50 |

Coronavirus outbreak in German slaughterhouse with Bulgarian workers

A meat processing factory, which mainly employs Bulgarian and Hungarian workers, has become a hotspot for a coronavirus outbreak in Germany, local media reported. The slaughterhouse is located in the town of Emsdetten.  The Bulgarian Consulate in..

26.09.20 17:24 |

Germany lifts restrictions for arrivals from region of Dobrich

Germany has lifted the requirement for a PCR test or 14-day quarantine for arrivals from the region of Dobrich in Bulgaria. The reason is that as a result of improved figures regarding the spread of Covid-19, the Robert Koch..

10.09.20 10:24 |
Alexei Navalny

German doctors consult Bulgarian experts about Navalny poisoning

German doctors from the Charité hospital, treating Russian opposition leader Alexei Navalny, have established contact with Bulgarian medics who treated businessman Emilian Gebrev, poisoned in Bulgaria back in 2015, Insider, Spiegel and..

27.08.20 16:18 |

Covid-19 in Bulgaria: Day 154

Germany to test Bulgarians coming from three regions for coronavirus As of today Germany is declaring three regions in Bulgaria to be coronavirus high-risk regions – Varna, Blagoevgrad and Dobrich, the foreign ministry has announced. All..

08.08.20 17:36 |

Germany declares Varna, Blagoevgrad and Dobrich high-risk coronavirus regions

The Bulgarian embassy in Berlin has been informed by the foreign ministry of Germany that, as part of the coronavirus prevention effort, measures are being prepared regarding entry into Germany by arrivals from three regions of Bulgaria – Varna,..

07.08.20 19:44 |

Bulgarians in Berlin prepare protest in front of Chancellery building

The protests of the Bulgarians in Berlin with the demand for the resignation of the Bulgarian government and the prosecutor general from August 6 will be held during working hours in front of the German Chancellery building as of August 6, BNR reports...

03.08.20 12:47 |

Bulgarian high-school graduates prefer Germany, not UK for their university studies

With a fee of 500 euros and lectures in English, Germany has attracted many Bulgarian high-school graduates wishing to study in universities abroad, Telegraph newspaper informs. There are fewer people willing to study in the UK this year. The island's..

30.07.20 14:13 |
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